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Origin 600 Thread

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If I was Chris Roberts for the day, these are some of the changes I'd recommend for the 600i Explorer:

-Get rid of the glass wall in the Exploration Module so those looking at the sphere can talk to the operators
-Have the Operator consoles in the Exploration Module face each other or the sphere so they're not back to back
-Add a stair case for rapid traverse between floors. Elevators are easy but waiting on the lift can be time consuming
-Add dividers to the crew rooms like you did on the 890J. Exploration crew needs privacy especially with all that room
-Wrap the whole cargo bay room with those wall mounted cargo secure magnets (instead of carrying cargo up an elevator through the bar, down the stairs and into the side rooms)
-Move the "Armory" to the cockpit in the corners by the door
-With the "Armory" moved to the cockpit make that room a Med Bay for long term exploration. After all... ORIGIN (rich Citizens) "Elysium Med pod"



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9 hours ago, JediKel said:

This VIEW!!!  This is why I am keeping the 600Ex over the Carrack. 

This VIEW!!!  This is why I picked the 600i Touring Module over the Exploration Module....... and kept my  Carrack ;)

From the Q&A. 

How does the range of the 600i compare to the other exploration ships?


As stated above, the extra scanning stations and rover storage mean the 600i is a fully capable exploration ship with that module in that size range. The Carrack should provide more robust and longer term exploration option.

+++++++ The Carrack has a Medical Bay.... 


Will the 600i Explorer have a medical area?


The 600i does not have a medical area no, due to it not holding a huge crew, this would be a room that ended up potentially being used rarely.


The window in 600i Touring.

The Glass Floor of the 600i's Touring Module During Quantum




600i's Touring Module Upstairs Hab 



However..... I will probably get the Exploration Module when it is sold separately (without having to buy a whole new ship)....

Can the Touring and Explorer modules be swapped in and out of a single 600i?


That is indeed the eventual plan, yes. Modules will be purchasable separately and will be swappable in game after that functionality exists.


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New Rank, New Rewards

We are also thrilled to announce an all-new Chairman's Club rank, the ever dependable, if brazenly unpredictable, station of Praetorian. Members of this rank will enjoy the rewards formerly only associated with the rank of Legatus Navium, while that exalted order will receive a newly conceived, extremely limited 600i Executive Edition. Please note that there may be a slight delay in newly achieved ranks reflecting on our website, and that patience is a virtue held in high esteem by the Chairman's Club.



Embrace perfection in the new 600i Executive Edition, from the combined creative forces of Origin Jumpworks and the Chairman's Club.

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Hi gang

It says I am 80% of this new Rank

Can someone fill me in, what does that mean ?


1- What does it mean total $  already, if at 80% ?


2- In a related Question, For the Last 20%, how much more do I need to Reach this new rank ?


Thx gang!


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