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Origin 600 Thread

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The 600i is entering the final art phase. On the exterior, the thrusters and landing gear are near completion, and work is due to start on the turret. The interior is going through a polish pass, while work on the bridge, corridors and exploration module are due to be wrapped up soon. Since the last update, the team listened to backer feedback and removed the struts from the bridge windows.


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I still think the Origin 600i is one of the prettiest ships. I mean,look at those interiors.. it looks like being inside a apple device :O.
Definitely something to save up in the Verse for. I just can't get over what a amazing cockpit view that ship has. After all the complaining by the community on so many ship designs where we can't see shit, CIG decides to give some ships (primarily the Origin ships) a amazing full view of the cosmos.

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Well origin is the high end brand and you are told how the crafts spew luxury. And you pay the price too. Lose weapons for the stylish-ness.

I agree with those that "complain" about lack of visablity. It is finf to stick it on a jet in atmosphere, but in space where it is 3D axis and the lack of visiblity. On larger ships the reclaimer and starfarer the pilot has most of his view obstruted by his screen while he is in a glass bridge.

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Judging from those videos, the 600i is indeed a pretty big ship. I can't wait to see her for myself.
Also, what's that behind the glass at about 2:50? It's not the lounge, only the exploration variant would make it into the game, and the lab has been shown to not be all the way on the back of the ship, so it's not that either.


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