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Origin 600 Thread


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Let the voyage begin with the 2947 600i from Origin Jumpworks. This multi-role luxury vessel from Origin Jumpworks features an exquisitely detailed hull design that . The 600i is designed with a cutting edge modular technology, allowing you to customize your ship for your needs. Taking the family on a long-distance trip across the stars? The Touring module lets your guests relax in ease with stunning furniture from some of the Empire's top designers. Looking to stamp your name in history with the discovery of a new star system? The 600i's Explorer module swaps the lounge for a robust scanning station as well as additional utility hardpoints to increase the ship's effectiveness even more. Regardless of where your journey takes you, the 600i guarantees that you'll get there fast and in style.









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With Origin's lineup, I'm not even sure what they'd push. They're all about the glitz and it seems like just getting from point A to point B in as much style as possible is their goal (hence the 85x/890/300i/350R), but I'd really like to see them branch out into something different. 

That said, I'm fully expecting Phoenix 2.0 by Origin, which I am 100% down for, so long as I can arm it similarly to other similar-sized ships.

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I don't see origin making a hauler tbh as it doesn't sound luxury enough to me. I also expect something along the line of a connie size ship. Passenger carrier maybe? Something that competes with the Genesis but more luxurious. 

Wow, I actually thought the Phoenix was like a mini 890. Totally agree with your point. A luxury passenger ship is what I think.

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Well damn. These ideals don't bold well for "affordability."  If they make is Connie size (very likely) and go with luxurious passenger vehicle (hinted at), than pricing will fall between 300-400 :(  

Excited non the less. After seeing Drake redesign their line and Origin being next, this should be exciting. Definitely the 2017 ship I am looking forward to seeing. 

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1 hour ago, GeraldEvans said:

If you want affordable you're thinking of the Freelancer sized 400 series.

Where did you get this?

I thought they discontinued the 400 series....


I am hoping for something between freelancer and connie size that accomplishes the same as the Constellation with more glitz. I am hoping that it will be more posh than the Phoenix as I see the phoenix like Acura vs Origin being BMW

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