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I may need to clarify my post a bit.  I am looking to see if anyone has a CCU already purchased for an M50 that wants to sell it.  I own an M50, 350R, Terrapin, Freelancer DUR, Herald, and Dragonfly.  Because I just CCU'd my Superhornet to the Terrapin during the sale week I now need another combat ship.  But because I couldn't afford to CCU my M50 last week I am kind of screwed since I don't actually want to keep the M50.  

19 minutes ago, DrunkenTeddy said:

Does it need to be flyable now? The Buccaneer is $110 ($10 upgrade from the M50), but it's not flyable yet. 

I may be interested in that ship, do you have the CCU for it?

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3 hours ago, Snakebyte said:

Do you know how to check what ships you can upgrade from in the My Hangar section, without using a trader?

Yep.  But there isn't much actually available when there isn't any sale.  I was considering the Redeemer, but that may be a bit too much ship for one person.  I also want something more towards the top of the spectrum like a sabre, Super Hornet, or perhaps a Vanguard.  I am pretty fed up with the whole "limited" sale system RSI has put out.  I may be wrong, but it seems like it only forces people like me to buy from the grey market for a higher price.

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