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I'm not sure if this is the place to post this but I would like to let everyone knows that there is a brand new SC wiki in the work.

The project started a few months ago with a few Redditors and I from the /r/StarCitizen community as the Wikia is outdated and also the admin went MIA at that time. We made some amazing progress within this short amount of time and we're looking forward to grow even more. 

We're looking for some help from the communities in writing, expanding, proofreading, and translating our content. And it would be awesome if we can get some love from the community here as well!

If you want to help out in the wiki, drop by our discord and someone will set you up! If you're just wandering around, have a look in some of the articles and give us some feedbacks!

- o7 AtxAtx aka alistair3149

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