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    • By Catbuss
      This week's ATV was all about S42, but at the very end they showed off a little bit of their work on planets and the Lorville Landing Zone.  It starts at 38:00.
    • By Narayan
      Greetings, citizens!
      I decided to do a traditional video from the last exhibition - CitizenCon 2947.
      There will be no revelations in the video - all this can be seen in the presentation itself. I just decided, choosing, in my opinion, the right music, to do the editing with the best, in my opinion, moments from the main presentation of the exhibition.
      For those who are too lazy to view the whole presentation, this option can be ideal - atmospheric and shortly about the best. And those who have already seen the exhibition, it will be nice to see all this beauty again. 
      Enjoy watching!
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    • By Gremlich
      I quit reading Rollingstone decades ago, but found these.
      yesterday's article:
      Squadron 42 Will Not be at This Year's CitizenCon Event, The Annual 'Star Citizen' Convention Squadron 42, the single player component of Star Citizen, will not be at the upcoming Citizen Con event in Frankfurt, Germany.

      companion article from Late August 2017
      'Star Citizen': A Peek at Planetside Gameplay - The Alpha 3.0 update is scheduled to launch next month.

    • By Donut
      CONGRATS! @Riley Egret

    • By Th3 Warm0ng3r
      I have watched Around the Verse since before it was officially called ATV, and I have to say that the change that took place a few months ago (getting into specifics with a single sutdio instead of a broad idea of what every studio is doing), is the best thing they could have possibly done. Seriously, I dont know if they meant for it to appear as it has or they just go lucky but the last month I have watched with utter amazement as every studio has gone into detail what they are working on and my anxiousness to get them to release Star Citizen has actually decreased seeing how much stuff is not only amazing but revolutionary. It has made me go from an impatient backer of nearly 5 years to a reformed citizen amazed by the work done and willing to give them as much time as needed to make a space sim that will pave the way for nearly every game in the future.