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    • By LowZone
      For those Brits among us (and anyone who has access), Click - a BBC Tech show will have an edition investigating the perceived delay in Star Citizen's release this weekend . For a little background info, one of the presenters was a long time fan of the project, lending her voice to a voice pack and even getting into a DS slanging match  over it. Despite the misleading description of the show's content, I'm hoping that we will at least see a more informed media piece than in recent articles. A little more media exposure at this time couldn't hurt, could it?
    • By Caldon
      Because of fucking course they will
      I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting very tired of Hollywood's attempts to force their political pandering down everyone's throats at the cost of beloved series and characters. If this is true I'm cancelling my Netflix account.
    • By Scuba_Shoelace
      hello, im sure you have all heard this before but i cant seem to fine the answer im looking for.
      Q1. is there a way to buy a cargo container for the RSI Aurora MR?
      Q2. if so where do i buy it?
      from what i have seen there are some sort of cargo containers for the ship but i have been unable to locate where i might be able to buy them. 
    • By Switch
      The long awaited return of the "10 for the Chairmen" series is over with a new format and guest Tony Zurovec! 
    • By GRIZZ
      Saw BoredGamerUK sharing a meetup for Star Citizen and No Mans Sky fans and figured I'd post it here to get more visibility.
      NEC Birmingham (National Exhibit Center)
      Birminham,West Midlands B40, UK, B37 7HE Bickenhill
      Saturday, August 27 at 4 PM - 7 PM in UTC+01
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