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RSI Ursa Rover


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2 hours ago, GRIZZ said:

I can't stop staring at it.


Same. It took me a good minute to see if it was fake or not. At first I thought someone had just taken an image of some vehicle driving through snow and shopped a Cutlass and Ursa into it.

What sells it is the lighting, especially on the snow in the tire tracks.

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I just picked up the....


...so now I have 2 Ursa Rovers (since one also comes with my Carrack).   Generally I don't like to have more than one of a ship / vehicle but was wanting to get other opinions on keeping 2 Ursa's vs getting a Cyclone (was actually thinking a Cyclone RN when it comes back on sale and CCUing) ---- but not sure if it make sense.   Anyone have both an Ursa Rover and a Cyclone and would like to expand on the +/-'s of each?   Thanks :)

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