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Sword Art Online is SHIT

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not a text from me, but was very entertaining to read, I liked the series by the way ;)


Source: http://animenz.wordpress.com/2013/01/01/the-year-2012/




And now, the special award, for creating the biggest shitstorm, the loudest debates in the anime community, the anime who made the word “hatebase” popular again, the award for

EPIC FAIL of 2012

goes toooooo…


Sword Art Online!

Holy shit dude. Sword art online. I am loss of words. I mean, how can a series fuck up that badly in story telling and characterisation? How can a series waste so much potential? How can this awful series even have fans?


[warning, incoming flaming and foul language, and yes, I took Sword Art Online way too seriously. Regard this as an emotional outburst of a really frustrated watcher. You have been warned.]


This Anime has one of the worst writing I’ve ever seen. Kirito is an painfully obvious self-insert and wish fullfillment character, who is overpowered as fuck and constantly have plot H4x powers pulled out of his ass to save the day, while Asuna is an annoying Tsundere, who is also perfect and has no flaws, and serving no other purpose than pandering to all those lonely basement dwellers, who are looking for a perfect and pure Waifu.

And these two are the main characters. Goddamnit.


Anyway, here are 10 reasons why Sword Art Online sucks. (I dropped SAO in episode 14 and I heard, it even get worse from there)


1. The constant use of deus ex machina and the huge amount of logical flaws in the series. But the worst case of all occured in episode 14. Why was Kirito able to stab Heathcliff despite being dead, why can Asuna free herself from the paralysis, what was the fucking reason Kayaba implanted a death mechanism in a virtual reality game? Because he was BORED? Why can Kirito defy logic? Oh, that’s right, it’s shitty writing and because he has PLOT armor and because he is JESUS. Fuck this episode 14.


2. The pacing. What the fuck. So, in the first episode, the player were still in level 1 and one episode later they are already in level 46, what the hell? How can you skip so much time? Also, we have 6 episodes of side stories in the 14 episode aincrad arc, and they served NOTHING for the plot progression. Also: “Oh hi, my name’s Kirito, I am badass” “Hi, i am Asuna and I am a useless slut” *later* “you saved my life, I love you kirito” “yeah.. let’s marry”" “okay” – that’s NOT how romance work, it needs progression and exploration you dumb fucks.


3. Every girl Kirito meets for the first time want to suck his dick because Kirito is SO badass. Well done, SAO for including a genre I really hate: A shitty Harem. Oh and before they fall in love in him, Kirito always have to save their sorry ass, because all women characters are FUCKING USELESS – talk about misogyny here.


4. The really blatant asshots and forced fanservice like constantly showing off characters in their undergarments. Including a ridiculous tentacle rape scene. VERY TASTEFUL INDEED.


5. The annoying cliches like “Asuna jumping in front of the person she wanted to protect and take the killing blow instead” – FUCK NO, THIS IS OUTDATED AS FUCK, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS.


6. The extremely boring fights. Every time when I thought “Ooooh, now that’s going to be an interesting battle”, Kirito always curbstomp battle the enemy, because he ALWAYS conveniently has a skill which will defeat the enemy in seconds. HOW EXCITING.


7. Actually having a decent 1st episode and tricking us viewers to believe it’s going to be good. Fuck you for crushing my high hopes.


8. The “bad guys” (Kuradeel) are ridiculous and stupid as fuck. “HURR I AM EVIL BECAUSE I AM EVIL. LOOK AT ME TORTURING YOUR FAVORITE WAIFU, YES HATE ME BWAHAHAHA BECAUSE I SERVE NO OTHER PURPOSE THAN BEING A SCAPEGOAT” Seriously, what the actual fuck was the author thinking. It’s like a fanfiction written by an 15 year old.


9. Two years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Asuna.


10. The obnoxious fanbase, who constantly claims that “the Light novel explained it better” – well FUCK YOU, because I don’t want to read the shitty Light Novel to have me explain why there’s so much bullshit going on.


I can rage on and on, but I have enough of this shit. I hate this anime and it fucking sucks and it sucking fucks and I don’t wanna talk about it.


Worst of all, Sword art online attracted an extreme amount of “casual” anime fans including many video gamers, and they all jumped on the bandwagon to worship this anime as the second coming of jesus, because they can “relate to the characters and its MMORPG setting and because Kirito is soooo badass”.


This is the new Twilight of Anime. Hyped by blind fanboys beyond hell, and panned by critics, who believes in their superior anime taste.


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I quite enjoyed SAO. As modern anime series goes, I personally consider it quite stong, which makes me wonder to which anime he prefers. Ever since the 90's, quality in anime has dramatically declined, mainly due to the way the industry works, in that major corperations fund what looks to make money, there are a few examples that do not fall into this trend, but the vast majority is the same trash, just repainted.

I consider Log Horizon better, mainly due to it having stronger development, though it is much more subtle, and a more mature nature to the series allowing it to avoid falling into most steriotypes, though unfortunately, it still falls into qutie a few.

The story telling of Anime, manga and Japanese light-novels is what it is, and caters for its audience. Consider the stories of the Ghibli movies with a considered 'masterpieces', or even other anime greats(such as Cowboy bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, Lupin the Third, etc) all of which have the factors covered in the quote above. Generally, the western-world is not its target audience, and alot of factors of western media that we grow attached to are absent. It is for this reason many of us a drawn to it, but is also for this reason it seems, that many of us fight that attraction. The same can be said tor westrn media, it too having its own ruts in which most stories find it almost impossible to remove themselves from. The few exceptions that 'appear' avoid these traits are those who use them in parody. A perfect example of such an anime would be something like FLCL. Still, at least the people who burst in anger, as such as he (and I assume it was a he) who is quoted above, do so because of the faults, and provide the rest of us with a moment of amusement and humour.

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I see the flaws in the romance of SAO in almost every anime and manga. I don't understand why people pick SAO apart for its flaws but ignore the "romance" in Bleach, Naruto, One Piece or any other anime/manga. There is always a group of women in manga/anime that acts like the girls in SAO to Kirito.


It is actually incredibly typical. Even when the females are "strong" they are actually, in fact, pathetically weak.


SAO isn't the only one. People are just too blind to their own fandoms to realize it.




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