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Feedback Wanted Looking for opinions/suggestions on build

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I built this a while back and it runs most games pretty well at Ultra (except for Arma 3, it hates Arma 3.) http://pcpartpicker.com/list/DmFFkL

I'm looking to get VR and I've not really gotten any solid feedback on this rig before. What can I upgrade for a better VR /general experience (besides the ever so obvious GPU)? Also, I want a better case if anyone has any suggestions.

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7 minutes ago, GalacticGhost said:

I built this a while back and it runs most games pretty well at Ultra (except for Arma 3, it hates Arma 3.) http://pcpartpicker.com/list/DmFFkL

I'm looking to get VR and I've not really gotten any solid feedback on this rig before. What can I upgrade for a better VR /general experience (besides the ever so obvious GPU)? 

In my opinion you're pretty much set for VR. Do you perhaps already have a VR Headset? You can't without it.. :P I personally prefer speakers for audio, a good quality speaker set combined with a amplifier and proper placement. Can't get any better than that. :D I can guarantee a amazing audio experience that while in VR. 

12 minutes ago, GalacticGhost said:

I want a better case if anyone has any suggestions.

Well cases vary from person to person as everyone has their own taste. I mostly tend to go for black, just plain old black steel cases. The current popular NZXT S340 is a beauty as well as the Corsair Clear 400C. Or if you're into funky stuff, the Corsair Carbide Spec-Alpha (available in black/red, Black/silver, White/red). Or the Silverstone Raven RVX01







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@rain2reign No VR headset yet but definitely be coming soon. May get one next check. I may actually invest in that Thermaltake Core P5 tho, definitely a really nice case. I have a set of 7.1 surround sound speakers that I've had for a while and they work quite good still. Coupled with my Soundblaster soundcard (yes im old school i prefer a good ol soundcard!) they are even better

25 minutes ago, CyberianK said:

wow the cases are insane


seems in the last months glass parts are more and more trending with cases

My current case has a glass side altho it'd actually plexiglass. I like the glass cases especially the open ones

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Usually it's the supposed advertised glass is either plexiglass or one the forms of acrylic(there are various forms). On most cases i find the glass very plastic.. It doesnt feel as high-end as the rest of the casing. Which is a setback for me personally.

In some cases you can even bend it slightly while the case is pure metal... BUT they do make the case and the components look great. If not for me putting my case under desk i would have gone for a open case myself too. :D 

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5 minutes ago, Doopsums said:

Dammnot was looking at speakers today and now I'm looking at cases. Fuck you guys. My dream list keeps on growing.emoji23.png

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lul :D

1 hour ago, Juntau said:

I have seriously been thinking about building on this platform for a long time now...so cool!

As far as your rig is concerned, I agree with @rain2reign, It looks solid. Add an updated GPU and step it up to 32gig of ram and I think it will run beast mode.

Just checked out your build and I agree with Juntau, if you're doing anything other than gaming I can see the 32gb's helping out. I would also suggest getting a new power supply, 80 Plus Gold or above, reason being faulty Power Supplies can lead to faulty hardware and pulling tons of electricity.  I'll post a quick video to help get the basic understanding of what and why you need specific things in a Power Supply below, otherwise your looking good to go! 

Disclaimer - All personal opinions based upon research, my word is not always 100% correct.:D


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