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Mars Recon Orbiter Pictures

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Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: NASA Releases More Than 1,000 Images of Planet's Surface Taken by Spaceraft
The photos were shot during Mars' equinox which illuminated the planet's surface from north to south pole. The craft sent the images during an advantageous transmission period known as "opposition."



The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has been continuously taking images of Mars since its launch in 2005, with its latest dispatch this month containing an astounding 1,035 images.


While the MRO sends back photos every month, but this month is special as every 26 months the geometry of the planets offers a sweet spot for data return. As Mars is currently at opposition, or the Sun and Mars are on opposite sides of Earth’s sky, there is no obstruction of communications between the planets for a few weeks.


While taking these images, MRO is also informing scientists of the best possible future landing sites for landers such as ExoMars, InSight, and other NASA rovers. The orbiter is also keeping an eye out on the active processes occurring on the planet’s surface such as sand dunes, new impact events, and slope flows.

This is where the images can be found:


I would also like to add, there are a lot more than one thousand images total

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Thanks for the link, I have been looking for it.  These images are so cool.  Amazing that we can see another world with such detail.  Reminds me of the New Horizons Pluto flyby images where you can see mountain ranges, craters, and hills on the surface of Pluto.  Mars just has so many different interesting geological features on its surface.  So much to explore, learn, and study from that planet.  I do hope to see people traveling there in my lifetime. 

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