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    • By GodZe
      Selling Banu Merchantman LTI
      All PayPal fees included

    • By GodZe
      Mercury Star Runner LTI CCU'ed $190
      Hercules C2 LTI CCU'ed $270
      Banu Merchantman LTI CCU'ed $260
      Origin 600i Explorer LTI CCU'ed $360 
      Origin 600i Touring LTI CCU'ed $335
      Banu Defender LTI CCU'ed $200
      Banu Defender LTI OC $210
      Reclaimer LTI CCU'ed $300
      Prowler LTI CCU'ed $330
      Esperia Vanduul Blade LTI CCU'ed $250
      Hammerhead LTI CCU'ed $625
      Nautilus LTI CCU'ed $625
      Polaris LTI CCU'ed $650
      Sentinel LTI CCU'ed $265
      Any ships, ask me to negotiate
      All fees included
      PM'm me if interested

    • By GodZe
      Selling Game Package (Star Citizen only) with Banu Merchantman LTI (upgrade price $500)
      Price is $270
      All fees included  

    • By Ragnor
      Because I don't have time to spend on Star Citizen and I recently sold my gaming pc, I want to sell my Original Backer account from back in 16-10-2012. Not only did I receive all of pledge goal gifts, I have also been a centurion subscriber for some time. Over the years I have been buying LTI ships, melting them, rebuying them etc.. so that's why I am not able to sell the ships seperately anymore and why I want to sell the whole account instead. The LTI ship packages that are active in the account right now are the original Rear Admiral LTI backer package with physical goodies and the Endeavor Hope Class LTI with two LTI modules, namely the General Research and the Fuel Pod. If you like other ships better then there is still the possibility of melting one or two packages and then Buying Back another LTI ship, like for instance Banu Merchantman, Origin 890 Jump, Class C or RSI Orion. See below for screenshots of all the items and buy back options.

      For all this I think 1000$ is a fair price. Selling only to verified PayPal. As you can see on my profile in the past I sold some ships and only have received positive feedback.

      These are all the items in the account:

      And these are the Buy Back options:

      Apparantly HTML code is not working, so you have to click the link to see each picture in the hidden contents section..
    • By GodZe
      Selling this package with two ships, base pledge is Hurricane-Terrapin Add-Ons LTI with Hurricane hangar model and poster
      Three options available - BMM with Banu Defender, BMM with Crusader Ares Inferno, BMM with Crusader Ares Ion
      PayPal fees included
      Price is $450
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