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Want to Buy Mustang Gamma or MISC Freelancer (LTI)

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I have "Digital Freelancer LTI " package. 


*         Starting Money: 5,000 UEC
*         Lifetime Insurance
*         Digital Game Soundtrack
*         Digital Star Map
*         Digital Engineering Manual
*         Legacy Alpha
*         Squadron 42 Digital Download
*         Star Citizen Digital Download
*         Digital Star Citizen Manual
*         Aeroview Hangar

Are interested?

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    • By Ambermann
      I am in search of an LTI insured Origin 890 Jump. It can be either concept, in a package, or CCU upgraded (if that was ever a thing for this ship) just so long as it is LTI. Please offer here on this post or send me a PM to discuss prices.
    • By [≡☠≡] フの乇 ムノレレノム刀
      I'm looking for a Glaive OC LTI with a normal price... Thks
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      I wish I could buy these addons please :
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      Any of you good people looking to offload an Idris-M ?!? 
      please PM me if you are.  It’s for me so it will stay in the family. (And only interested in the M not the P.  I know that the P will be M capable but .........😊)
      COMPLETE!!!! Thanks everyone that took the time.