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Want to Sell WTS - Lightspeed package w/LTI

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Hello everyone, looking to sell my Lightspeed package with LTI + UEC 42,000 UEC and REC ¤5,000 REC.  Unfortunately, have two kids now and just am not going to have the time to play and have been sitting on this stuff since 2013 so I'd rather see someone else enjoy. 

I would prefer just transferring the account so that you get all the goodies with being a backer since Nov 2013.

Looking for $160 OBO for the entire account.  Thanks!

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Sorry to hear you need to part with it. 

Please specify if this is a giftable package or an account and also


5. You must Post a PRICE unless the item is purely For Trade. (trading for cash still means For Sale) 


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