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Hello, Citizens! And welcome to 🐬 D0lph1N's Mini Mart 🐬  !

Terms & Conditions

  • Buyer must be PayPal verified.
  • Please leave a comment before PMing! 
  • Then send me PM containing ship name, your PayPal email and currency of invoice (USD or EUR)
  • Ship will be sent as a gift to the payer's PayPal email. If you're buying it to gift someone else, simply forward the letter to his email. 
  • Claimed gift (after purchase) will be bounded to your account.
  • Due to CIG gifting limitations I do not issue refunds once delivery has been successfully completed. 
  • All prices include PayPal fees. 
  • RSI Credits accepted at 75% rate for full or partial payment. 
  • My timezone is GMT+3, so it could take a while before I'll reply. 


💰 Special Offers


🚀 Standalone LTI ships:

Bold-marked ships currently are not available in RSI store, but you still can buy it here.

Ship Manufacturer Insurance Type Price, USD Price, EUR Available?
Polaris RSI LTI Original     Yes
Prowler Esperia LTI Original     Yes
Genesis Crusader Industries LTI CCU'd     Yes
Constellation Phoenix RSI 4YI Original     Yes
Carrack Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
Crucible Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
Reclaimer Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Hull-D MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Endeavor MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Blade Esperia LTI CCU'd     Yes
Starfarer Gemini MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Caterpillar Drake LTI CCU'd     Yes
Vanguard Harbinger Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Retaliator Bomber Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Constellation Aquila RSI LTI CCU'd     Yes
Vanguard Sentinel Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Vanguard Warden Aegis 3YI Original     Yes
Vanguard Warden Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Redeemer Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Merchantman Banu LTI CCU'd     Yes
Constellation Andromeda RSI LTI CCU'd     Yes
Hull-C MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Terrapin Anvil LTI Original     Yes
Terrapin Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
Sabre Comet Aegis LTI Original     Yes
Sabre Comet Aeis LTI CCU'd     Yes
F7C Hornet Wildfire Anvil LTI Original     Yes
F7C Hornet Wildfire Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
Sabre Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Khartu-Al Xi'An LTI CCU'd     Yes
F7C-M Super Hornet Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
Gladiator Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
Freelancer MIS MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Retaliator Base Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Cutlass Blue Drake LTI CCU'd     Yes
Constellation Taurus RSI LTI CCU'd     Yes
Freelancer MAX MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Prospector MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
F7C-R Hornet Tracker Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
350R Origin LTI CCU'd     Yes
F7C-S Hornet Ghost Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
Freelancer Dur MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Buccaneer Drake LTI Original     Yes
Buccaneer Drake LTI CCU'd     Yes
Cutlass Red Drake LTI CCU'd     Yes
Gladius Valiant Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
F7C Hornet Anvil LTI CCU'd     Yes
Freelancer MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
M50 Origin LTI CCU'd     Yes
Cutlass Black Drake LTI CCU'd     Yes
Hull B MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Gladius Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Herald Drake LTI CCU'd     Yes
Reliant News Van MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Avenger Titan Renegade Aegis LTI Original     Yes
Avenger Titan Renegade Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Avenger Warlock Aegis LTI CCU'd     Yes
Reliant Sen (Researcher) MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Reliant Kore MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Reliant Skirmisher MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes
Hull A MISC LTI CCU'd     Yes

 🎁 Game packages (Star Citizen + Squadron 42):

Package Insurance Price, USD Price, EUR Available?
Package - 300i 4m     Yes
Package - 315p 4m     Yes
Package - Avenger 6m     Yes
Package - 325a 4m     Yes
Package - Freelancer 6m     Yes
Package - Constellation Taurus - Digital 6m     Yes
Package - UEE Exploration Pack - LTI (Carrack, Terrapin, Dragonfly, SC, SQ42, VFG Industrial) LTI     Yes


🛠 Add-ons, BUKs, hangar decorations & other stuff

Item Insurance Price, USD Price, EUR Available?


🔧 Ship upgrades:

Target ship Base ship Price, USD Price, EUR
Carrack Starfarer Gemini    
Carrack Starfarer    
Freelancer MIS Taurus    
Gladiator Taurus    
Khartu-Al Freelancer MAX    
Origin M50 Gladius    
Retaliator Bomber Redeemer    
Retaliator Bomber Vanguard Sentinel    
Sabre Super Hornet    
Sabre Gladiator    
Sabre Taurus    
Super Hornet Taurus    
Terrapin Khartu-Al    
Terrapin Taurus    
Vanguard Warden Caterpillar    
Vanguard Warden Constellation Andromeda    
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    • By Viking
      Hi everyone,

      I'm selling unmelts for reasonable prices. Most ships come with LTI.
      All prices are in US Dollars (USD) and inclusive PayPal fee, which means I pay the fee.
      All packages contain both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 digital downloads!
      Amount                                                               Price
      for sale    Item                                        Insurance    per item
         1        300i (standalone ship)                      LTI          $90   SOLD!
         2        300i (Bounty Hunter package)                LTI          $100  SOLD!
         7        300i (Digital Bounty Hunter package)        LTI          $100  SOLD!
         1        315p Explorer (standalone ship)             LTI          $105  SOLD!
         1        325a Fighter (standalone ship)              LTI          $115  SOLD!
         3        350r Racer (standalone ship)                LTI          $200  SOLD!
         1        350r Racer (package)                        2yr          $195
         1        350r Racer (standalone ship)                2yr          $175
         4        Aurora LX (standalone ship)                 LTI          $80  SOLD!
         5  4     Aurora LX upgrade (MR -> LX)                N/A          $25
         9  8     Avenger Stalker (standalone ship)           LTI          $115
         4        Avenger Stalker (Advanced Hunter package)   LTI          $125  SOLD!
         1        Carrack (standalone ship)                   LTI          $550
         3  2     Constellation Andromeda (standalone ship)   LTI          $315
         3        Cutlass Black (standalone ship + Bonus)     LTI          $145  SOLD!
         5        Cutlass Black (Digital Pirate package)      LTI          $160  SOLD!
         1        Endeavor Base (standalone ship)             4yr          $455
         1        Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship)        3yr          $550
         1        Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship)        4yr          $550
         1        Endeavor Hope (standalone ship)             3yr          $585
         1        Endeavor Olympic (standalone ship)          3yr          $650
        13  7     F7C Hornet (Digital Colonel package)        LTI          $175
         1        F7C-M Super Hornet (package)                2yr          $260
         8        F7C-M Super Hornet upgrade (F7C -> F7C-M)   N/A          $85  SOLD!
         2        F7C-R Hornet Tracker (SWACS package)        LTI          $225
         2        F7C-R Hornet Ghost (SPECTER package)        LTI          $205
        10  7     Freelancer (Digital Freelancer package)     LTI          $175
         1        Freelancer MIS (standalone ship)            2yr          $215  SOLD!
         1        Herald (standalone ship)                    3yr          $125
         1        Khartu-al Scout (standalone ship)           2yr          $170  SOLD!
         1        M50 (standalone ship)                       2yr          $130  SOLD!
         1        M50 (package)                               2yr          $150  SOLD!
         2        Merchantman (standalone ship)               2yr          $425
         2        Retaliator Bomber (standalone ship)         2yr          $365
         1        Starfarer (standalone ship)                 2yr          $325

      This is how a sale is done:
      You contact me on PM about the item(s) you want to buy. You're welcome to ask me any questions in this thread, if you're wondering about prices, how upgrades work, or other sales related things. I send an invoice of the amount (given on this page) to your PayPal email address. You pay the invoice. When I've received your payment I Buy Back (unmelt) the item(s) and gift it / them to your RSI email address. You check that you've received the item(s) you bought. Both of us add feedback to each others forum accounts (here on Star Citizen Base). NOTE: When you contact me on PM, please state your PayPal email address (for the invoice), plus your RSI handle, and the email address for gifting (if different from your PayPal email). If you don't mention these details I must ask for them and it takes longer to complete the trade because of more messages back and forth.
      NOTE: Some ships will be gifted from my Viking account and some from my Wicing account on RSI.
      NOTE: The images shown of the unmelt items are examples and so the date may vary.

      My RSI account email is the same as my Paypal email address and my email address in this forum.
      Proof of my RSI and Paypal accounts will be given on request on PM.
      I've sold many ships here before. See my feedback.    
    • By Scotty21
      PACKAGE - UEE EXPLORATION PACK - LTI ( Terrapin, Carrack, Drake Dragonfly Black, and VFG Industrial Hangar ) 500$$$ value, only 449.99$$
       Includes:  -Terrapin Ship Anvil Aerospace (ANVL)  -Carrack ShipAnvil Aerospace (ANVL) -Drake Dragonfly Black Ship Drake Interplanetary (DRAK) -VFG Industrial Hangar Hangar level -Star Citizen Digital Download -Squadron 42 Digital Download -Lifetime Insurance  -Starting Money: 20,000 UEC   Once payment is received; I will ask for your email and I will register the account to your email.
    • By Weehamster
      Hi everyone /
      I think it's about time that I share my collection of ship albums that I use for The Base chat that I've had for a while now
      I only have ships that are either from lore, concept, development or being re-worked, not for ships that are flyable and I do add more to the albums. Enjoy.
      Aopoa (Xi'An) | "Capital" | Nox | "Oracle" | "Transport" | Volper |
      Aegis | Idris | Javelin | Reclaimer | Retaliator (Modules) | Vanguard (Variants) |
      Anvil | A4A Hurricane | Carrack | Crucible | F7A Hornet Mk II | F8 Lightning | Terrapin |
      BIRC (Banu) | Defender | Merchantman |
      Crusader | Genesis Starliner |
      Drake | Cutlass Black (Re-Work) (Variants) | Dragonfly |
      Esperia | "Blade" | Prowler |
      Kruger | P-72 Archimedes |
      MISC | Endeavor | Freelancer (Variants) | Hull - A B C D E | Prospector | Razor | Reliant (Variants) |
      Origin | 600 | 890 Jump |
      RSI | Aurora (Re-Work) | Bengal | Constellation Aquila Mk IV (Variants) | Orion | Pegasus | Polaris  | (Ursa) |
      RSI/Aegis | Retribution |
      Vanduul | "Cleaver" | "Driller" | "Harvester" | "Hunter" | "Kingship" | "Mauler" | "Stinger" | "Void" |
      -------------------------------------------- BONUS --------------------------------------------
      Characters | Banu | Human | Tevarin | Vanduul | Xi'An | Armor & Uniforms |
      Other | Sataball | Shubin | Stanton I II III IV (Delamar) | Star Systems | Other Vanduul Art | UI |
    • By VoA
      See spoiler
      Banu Defender -  Ben talks a bit about it in this video below at 18:30m (revealing it concept is basically ready but they want to flush out the Banu Race more).   He also mentions that it will be out in the next couple weeks.  "It is a smaller ship".... but.... "there is no such thing as a single seat Banu ship".... but it is "as low as a Banu ship goes"...
      We also know it is a combat ship and one of the last three remaining WAVE 5 ships (its obviously a combat ship with its name but Ben also mentioned with the upcoming WAVE 6 for people to pick up additional fighting concept ships before WAVE 6 because they will be dedicated Civilian ships (per OP).
      Also in this Video at 16:18m  Ben talks about his list of WAVE 6 ships being in flux (he has a "PITCH DOCUMENT").

      I am looking forward to the Banu Defender and I am interested in seeing how radically different it may handle. I love how different the Vanduul ships and Xi'an Khartu-Al (though I still feel that CIG needs to do more work on the Khartu-Al).

      What "defending" role do you think the Banu Defender will play........ my guess is that it will be a "tanky" .... "screening" ship...... designed to protect trade ships (since the Banu are all about trade).
      Also see and vote on 
      Banu Defender - Concept Sale Price - [POLL]
      Banu Weaponry - Singe
      This tachyon cannon, called the Singe, is a long range, high damage weapon used by the Banu Defender. Like much of the Banu technology, its real origin is unknown, but based on the fact that it differs from other Banu engineering choices, UEE historians suspect they assimilated it from some other culture. 

      Banu Defender 185$
      Disco Lando | CIG@discolando Spaceship Prices!
      2017.04.15 - The Banu Defender will have a credit price of $185.