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    • By Citizenstore
      Welcome to Citizenstore
      (A trusted bitcoin only store)
      I have been a long time player of star citizen and have recently decided to take up trading, after years of collecting ships (*too many) I have decided that I am going to open a marketplace for users to purchase ships and game packages at a discounted price as I am wanting to clear out my inventory as I have far too many.       How does the trade process work? It's fairly simple! once you have seen something in stock you wish to purchase shoot me a pm on site, I will then provide you with my bitcoin address the and the amount for the package/ship. After I receive the payment I will then gift the package/ship to your RSI email.       1/2 Vouch copies available for reputable members     For quick response times you can contact me via discord: Krudos#1350    
    • By ixerer
      Aegis Retaliator Bomber- $230
      Redeemer- $225

      I accept USD PayPal and all cryptocurrencies  

    • By Kyla
      Hello All,
      I whant to sell the ship listed below, all are original concept not CCU’d. If interested PM’d me I will try to respond ASAP.
      My local time is UTC+2
      ·         Listed prices includes paypal fees.
      ·         Verified paypal users only
      1.    Standalone Ship - Origin 125a Warbond                                       $80.00 USD LTI QTY1
      2.    Standalone Ship - Tumbril Ranger CV Warbond                           $60.00 USD LTI QTY1
      3.    Anvil Aerospace Arrow Anniversary 2018 Warbond                      $100.00 USD LTI QTY1
      4.    Standalone Ship - Aopoa Nox LTI Warbond                                 $60.00 USD LTI QTY3
      5.    Standalone Ship - Aopoa Nox Kue LTI Warbond                          $60.00 USD LTI QTY4
      6.    Standalone Ship - Avenger Titan Renegade                                $98.00 USD LTI QTY1
      7.    Standalone Ship - RSI Mantis (Helmet+Suit)                                $245.00 USD LTI QTY1
      8.    Standalone Ship - Aegis Vanguard Warden                                  $350.00 USD LTI QTY1
      9.    Ground Vehicle Pack LTI (URSA Rover+Greycat )                       $105.00 USD LTI QTY1
      10.  Standalone Ship - MPUV Cargo                                                   $65.00 USD LTI QTY1
      11.  Standalone Ship - Anvil Terrapin                                                  $260.00 USD LTI QTY1
      12.  Standalone Ship - MISC Razor LTI                                              $180.00 USD LTI QTY1
      13.  Standalone Ship - MPUV Personnel                                             $65.00 USD LTI QTY1
      14.  Consolidated Outland Pioneer LTI Warbond VIP                          $1090.00 USD LTI QTY1
      15.  Standalone Ship - Drake Dragonfly Ride Together Two-Pack       $96.00 USD LTI QTY1
      16.  Standalone Ship - Anvil Hawk lti Warbond                                    $108.00 USD LTI QTY1
      17.  Sons of Centauri Pack Warbond                                                  $120.00 USD LTI QTY1
      18.  UEE Exploration Pack-Carrack+Terrapin+Dragonfly+SC+SQ42 $655.00 USD LTI QTY1
      19.  PACKAGE - WEEKEND WARRIOR LTI (SC+SQ42)                    $250.00 USD LTI QTY1
      20.  Standalone Ship - C8X PISCES EXPEDITION-WARBOND         $69.00 USD LTI QTY2
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