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Want to Sell Central Shipyard - Great Prices & Service - Almost EVERY ship 4 sale -

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    • By easyproto1
      I know I'm new here, but I've only been in the Star Citizen ship-trading scene for a few days. I've been playing the game for a few years, and I'm looking to get rid of some ships for real-life related reasons. Accepting PayPal, BTC, ETH.
      Currently looking to sell these ships:
      MISC Starfarer Tanker - LTI Digital Bounty Hunter - LTI Digital Mercenary - LTI Advanced Starter Package - LTI Digital Scout - LTI Colonel - LTI Standalone Ship - Anvil Hawk lti Warbond Scout - LTI No prices are set currently. Please PM me with offers
    • By Dead-Cat-Dance
      Upgraded ships for sale, melt value same as price, paypal invoice fees not included.
      - Special offer: 600i Touring - 285$
      - Special offer: Hammerhead - 550$
      - Special offer: Polaris - 650$
      Original LTI ships Insurance   Price Tumbril Cyclone LTI   50$ Tumbril Cyclone RN/RC/TR LTI   55$ Tumbril Cyclone AA LTI   70$ Tumbril Nova Tank LTI   105$ Drake Buccaneer LTI   110$ Gladius Valiant LTI   110$ MISC Razor LTI   135$ Anvil Hurricane LTI   175$ Anvil Terrapin LTI   195$ ----------------------------------------------------------------
      Combo Packs Insurance   Price Aopoa Nox 2 Pack LTI   75$ Offroad Vehicle Pack LTI   110$ ----------------------------------------------------------------
      Upgraded ships Insurance   Price M50 Interceptor LTI   100$ Origin 350r LTI   125$ MISC Prospector LTI   140$ Retaliator Base LTI   150$ Cutlass Blue LTI   150$ Freelancer MIS LTI   165$ F7C Hornet Wildfire LTI   175$ Banu Defender LTI   185$ Sabre Comet LTI   185$ Vanguard Hoplite LTI   225$ Banu Merchantmen LTI   235$ Esperia Blade LTI   250$ Eclipse LTI   260$ Retaliator Bomber LTI   275$ Carrack LTI   285$ Reclaimer LTI   285$ Origin 600i Touring LTI   300$ Esperia Prowler LTI   315$ Origin 600i Explorer LTI   320$ Endeavor LTI   335$ Hammerhead LTI   650$ Polaris LTI   750$  
      Add Ons Insurance   Price Harbinger Battlefield Upgrade Kit 6 Months   45$ Endeavor Landing Bay 48 Months   75$ Endeavor Medical Bay Pod 48 Months   75$
    • By GodZe
      I am offering my buyback rare game package Pirate Drake Cutlass Black + Yellow Dragonfly (both with 60 month insurance) + Skull and Bones Skin + Star Citizen Digital Download
      Payment via Paypal.
      Cost $170, PayPal fees included.
      PM me if you are interested.