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    • By suppe86
      i want to buy 4x a CCU from aquila to orion for a fair price, maybe 100-120 USD for all 4....
      pm me with a good offer, thanks
    • By MasterBaiter
      [WTB] Pathfinder LTI, Arbiter LTI, Digital Mercenery LTI, Digital Scout LTI, Next Generation LTI, Vanguard Warden/Harb/Sent LTI or Saber Comet LTI.
      Thanks to the PTU I got to try out some new ships and would be interested in one of the above to either get my cousin starter or underway with a decent ship. 
      Please send me your asking prices but do know I am trying to pay close to melt value so even if this takes 3 months he can wait as we are still in alpha. I've seen these go for that a month ago and missed a few sales last week for less than paid value so anyone not playing anymore that wants to make their money back I would appreciate your help.
      Thank you
    • By JediKel
      Hello Imperium,
      I was hoping you guys could help me out.  Is there anyone out there that has a Starfarer to Orion CCU??  It should be a $25 CCU at current pricing.  I know I am asking for a lot, but I can Paypal you $35.  It's a 40% mark up so you make $10 on 3 minutes of computer time . 
      Thank you in advance for looking. 
      Respectfully, Jedi
    • By AdmiralBoom
      UPDATE: Made a mistake it does not say giftable. Reaching out to RSI now to see what happened. Thanks.
      Money is tight and I am okay with losing money on this deal. Just take this off my hands, I will take $200 or any better offer. 
      I have an Orion with LTI, giftable. I have been a respected member of the base for years.