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Complete Xi'an Scout LTI -$160


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Hello everyone, I'm selling one Xi'an Scout, one Vanguard Warden, one Harbinger BUK and one Sentinel BUK. Comes with LTI. Added: one Aegis Sabre

1 x Aegis Sabre LTI (CCU'ed from P-72) - SOLD

1 x Xi'an Scout LTI - SOLD

1 x Aegis Vanguard Warden LTI - SOLD

1 x Harbinger BUK for Vanguard LTI - SOLD

1 x Sentinel BUK for Vanguard LTI - SOLD


Xi'an Scout



Terms and Conditions:
Paypal only
Verified Paypal accounts only
RSI confirmed
Paypal fees included in price
You are buying a digital item, not a physical item
Buyer is responsible for middleman fees, if they wish to use one.

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