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    • By Harambe
      not new to SC but new to this site, nice place you all have here:) this is my fleet.

    • By CommanderZero
    • By Martus

      Thank You for accepting my application. Looking forward to being part of this well structured and organized group of enthusiasts! Strikingly impressive amount of automation in the recruitment process, as well.

      A bit about myself; I'm 25, Lithuanian living in Denmark. Studied Computer Science and Web Development, and have been working as a C# software developer for a media analysis company for the past couple of years. Besides spending my time by looking at a screen or sitting at a pub, I play the guitar and a little bit of the piano. I also occasionally go fishing.

      As for my gaming experience, I've been serving under @Mage and @Champagne_Papi in MSOC-A, 1stMRB, and the 13thMEU ArmA 3 milsim units for most of my time as an active member of an online gaming community. Recently, I've been enjoying flying the study-level modules in the combat flight simulator - DCS:World. As for sci-fi ship-oriented games, I've played Freelancer, Star Trek Online, Elite, and a little bit of Eve. Hopefully, my experience from the various positions I've held in the milsim units, as well as my flight sim hours will come in handy when contributing to this organization.

    • By Badgerhero
      Hey everyone. Im new to the site not at all new to the game. I found this site from imperium told me to sign up so i did. So now im here saying hellom 
      Ive been backing this game for 2 maybe 3 years now. I was in charge of SAR wing in my old unit (left due to lack of activity). I'm also more into trying to help others. 
      Don't know what else to say lol. If you have any question feel free to ask
    • By SP4RKS
      Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. My name is Blake and I'm from Mississippi. Currently working as an Electrician doing Integrated Electronics type work. Apart from living a married life and doing the family thing this is my main hobby. Although, I do like making custom electronics for sim based applications. (Switch boxes, etc.. looking to modify my Obutto R3v setup heavily near release.) Looking forward to working with everyone to make this the best org out there. 
      I also really enjoy New Retro Wave styled music. So shout out to any Perturbator or Carpenter Brut fans out there. With that I'm also a big hifi hobbyist. I'm currently running a Schiiit Bifrost Uber DAC / Valhalla stack with rolled tubes. My cans right now are Beyerdynamic T90s but looking to maybe upgrade within the year. I run a AT-2020+ USB for a mic. (Will probably upgrade everything but the DAC eventually haha.)
      I pledged originally at Rear Admiral but melted it down into Digital Freelancer with a Saber Comet LTI. There has been a lot of melting for me as I've been incredibly indecisive but I've managed to settle into owning the Carrack and somehow acquiring an Idris-P LTI, Carrack LTI, Hull C (48mo), Dragonfly LTI, and a Hornet F7C Wildfire SE LTI. Excessive? Maybe. This genre of gaming is by far my favorite and I've dreamed of a game like this since the release of Space Commander, Freespace, and Freelancer. 
      I'm hoping they add fleet insignia to ships so we can show off our org. The banner / Insignia would look amazing on my capital ship.