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VKB Joysticks - New Joysticks and Pedals For Sale!


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So some of us have heard of a another hard-to-get joystick option from a company known as VKB Industries.  They made a hand-crafted joystick called the Black Mamba that is widely regarded higher than the HOTAS Warthog, and also have some highly-regarded rudder pedals.

Months ago they said they announced a new line of upcoming products and an upcoming US-based distributor.  Read more about that here: http://www.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?t=1947

The reason for this post is: Their online-ordering for the new products is finally live, and you can buy their new rudder pedals and joysticks:



Opinion: This is pretty exciting stuff, I already have a Warthog but I look forward to reading some reviews.  I'm not above selling my Warthog HOTAS and getting something better.  The price of their entry-level stick seems primed to put CH out of the gaming business... I have no idea why you'd buy an 8-bit Fighterstick over one of these, unless the build quality of these are far worse than their previous products.

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Hey Everyone,

I was very excited to log onto the VKB/Stratojet website to find that they are starting pre-orders for the gladiator line of joysticks set to deliver in June (or maybe six months later, as per VKB norms):

Press Release: http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2185

Gladiator Pro with metal gimbles and MARS sensors $249 (http://www.gostratojet.com/Gladiator_Pro/index.html)

Gladiator (budget?) with MARS sensors $100 (http://www.gostratojet.com/Gladiator/index.html)

T-Rudder Pedals Mk. IV $249 (http://www.gostratojet.com/TRudder4Pedals/index.html)


I contacted Jason from Stratojet with a few questions and I've included the questions/answers here (notes in italics):


1Q.  You had previously indicated that the gunfighter (top end stick using the same metal gimble http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1947) would be a couple hundred.  The Gladiator pro is pretty close to that description.  Are you envisioning the Gunfighter as being significantly more than the Gladiator Pro?

1A: The Gunfighter will be more like $300+.


2Q.  Will either of the above models be available for purchase at the same time or is it better to commit to one now and forgo the possibility of the other later?

2A. The Gunfighter will be available later this year along side the Glad Pro.


3Q. I just wanted to confirm that the Gladiator pro can still accommodate the metal stick (and future replacement sticks offered by VKB - this was an early promise)?

3A: It may be possible, but maybe not because we anticipate changing the connection to a different type on future grips and then there are other software/firmware concerns that I don't have the answer to quite yet.


4Q.  Does the pro come with the various extra cams and springs to adjust the tension or will these be sold separately?

4A.  The Glad Pro does come with the different springs and cams.


Bonus Answer: If I were you, I'd grab a Gladiator basic ($99) to get a feel for what we are up to and have some fun, but wait to see how the Gunfighter turns out. I know you are a serious simmer, so if I were in your shoes I'd wait a little bit before making a final decision on the big purchase.


Aside from the obvious attempt to flatter me with the 'serious simmer' talk (I'm not), I'm on the fence.  I was hugely excited for this stick but am strangely weary after Question #3. Part of the early appeal of the Pro/Gunfighter was the ability to change out sticks to future (and possibly space inspired) sticks.  I was also very keen on the T-rudder pedals but am now looking at the new Thrustmaster TFRP pedals, with their much better price point of $89 (http://www.amazon.com/Thrustmaster-Flight-Rudder-Pedals-Playstation-4/dp/B015PII6YI).

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i like this one


that base is exactly what i want, though imo it could have a couple of buttons that the thumb can reach with the 2 hat's, or maybe a modular thumb pad that you can switch out for one with just buttons/hat+buttons/hat, since it kinda looks like you can do that just by takeing out a screw or two

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Agreed but the Gunfighter isn't for pre-order yet (soon supposedly).  And the extra hats and buttons that CH and TM have would be hard to live without.  I'm tempted to pre-order the pedals right now, but I think I can restrain myself and wait until I know more fully what my controller scheme will be for Star Citizen.

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So a quick follow-up.  Rudder doesn't have toe brakes, so I refrained from ordering them.  I should have seen it from just the pictures, but I somehow just assumed there were somehow toe-brakes included.  Anyways, that's a deal breaker.

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Stratojet, the North America supplier of these joysticks, has stopped selling or supporting them:



As of November 21, 2016 Stratojet is closed and is no longer associated with VKB-Sim. We no longer stock their products or represent them in any way shape of form. All future warranty issues should be directed to VKB-SIM as they are the manufacturer and have the means to service you. Stratojet thanks all who have made a purchase and we wish VKB-SIM the best of luck in future endeavors.


So if you were considering owning one of these joysticks in North America, you should probably wait and see if VKB provides a practical means for support again. They could also be found on Amazon, but that isn't so great once the return policy is over if you have to ship it to Russia to be fixed.

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VKB is coming back to North America!  New products announced too:


And they're making a space simulation - oriented grip! 



VKB-Sim “Kosmosima” Space Simulation Grip

Under Development

Left-hand grip design

Compatible with:


Gunfighter Pro

Gladiator Pro

Gladiator Pro Mk.II

Exactly what we needed!  The only part lacking, assuming it has enough hats and buttons of course, is the ability to mount it on a a twisty stick.  But pedals can take care of one axis, so it could be good enough.

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