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Build help Would this be a good build?

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I don't know much about server hardware, though I know some gamers get decent mileage out of them with the right tweaks.  

I do know though that the 370 is going to be a bit underpowered for SC going forward(honestly nothing is really "enough" for running SC at the moment, but generally more grunt will perform better as the game moves along in development).  It is a decent gpu, definitely one of the better budget solutions, but frankly there are better options out there that won't break the bank and will have a better shot at running intensive games at high frame rates and details turned up; the r9 280x, 285, 380, or the gtx 960 are closish to the same price point and perform better.

And if you're building now you need to know t hat the new 14 and 16nm process cards are coming from AMD and Nvidia soonish, promising better performance in the not too distant future.

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depending on where you live you should be able to build a "used pc" or use "show case/demo hardware"
but it would be better saving up a little every month to build a "new pc" with insurance on it

old server parts can be cheap but also a hassle to find ram that works ,Graphics cards that fits,often lack on expansion options

however we are seeing some better utilizing of multipal cores now thanks to direct x 12 and Vulkan


the MMO aspect of the game is still far off and the "single player" aspect is not as demanding 




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servers have special OEM configured mainboards and are just not built for gaming rigs

apart from other issues you might have I am not even totally sure you can fit all/most GPUs in it


its specifications say the PCIE slots are " Full-height, halflength slot " http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=c04375627

with this server there are additional PCIe slot configurations available but that means that most default ones probably dont have that (see also page 3 "optional double wide GPU riser" which means that ebay one probably does not have that)

I usually watch youtube reviews or layout plan images of the mainboard I want to buy. I personally would not buy this server to make a gaming rig out of it. It could lead to all kinds of problems with the specific OEM mainboard etc that will make you regret your purchase. Better save some money SC wont be out for a while anyway and make a real budget gaming rig.

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Also, don't forget one thing: servers are noisy as hell. There is a reason they are usually kept in a separate room. Don't even think about having one in your living room, unless you live alone and have REALLY good noise cancelling headphones.

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I would recommend, since you're new to building a pc, is to buy something with a decent CPU at Bestbuy or some other electronic stroe, at least an I7 with 8gb of ram. Then just add the video card and swap out the CPU heatsink. This is the quickest and easiest way of having a computer to game and do daily stuff on

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On 5/2/2016 at 10:12 AM, Red-Fish said:

Thanks. I will probably just wait till the summer and save up enough to build a new computer.

make sure to use pcpartpicker.com and visit the hardwares sales thread in the hardware section of the forums

How to tell how much power supply you need?: http://www.evga.com/power-meter/

after you complete the EVGA questionaire, you'll get a discount coupon to use if you buy through EVGA's website

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