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Complete Prices Reduced on all my ships!!


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LTI Xi'an Scout (Khartu-Al) $155+ fee

Aurora MR Game Package (sq42 & sc) $35+ fee

p-72 $40+ fee

LTI Herald $90+ fee

300i Game Package (sq42 & sc) $35+ fee

I use a middle man. It protects me and you. I have sold several ships through www.star-hangar.com and every transaction is flawless.

People try to down play the importance of LTI. True it won't be a game breaker, but RSI has said the more you use insurance, the more your premium will be. Also, extra insurance will need to be purchased to cover any upgrades you make to your ship.. weapons, power plant etc.

The convenience of it, the savings, only needing insurance for your upgrades.. for the ENTIRE 10 years you could play this game.. I say that's worth a little extra.

with that said..

I have trust issues. I sell through star hangar. Too many scammers out there. I've sold a few ships through them already and it is a pleasure. No stress. You will have to ask them what their fee is.

Thanks for reading. 

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need to place new ad. one ship sold.
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