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STLYoungblood - Picking the Right High Risk Transport!

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What are your thoughts?

For me, my go-to ships for hauling in dangerous areas would be the Freelancer (not max, for a slightly reduced sig) or a Gemini if I can get it fully manned with NPCs/players.  Imo I'm going nowhere near the Hull series as I firmly believe that the eve doctrines of "don't fly a ship you can't afford to lose" and "assume what you're flying is lost the moment you undock" are going to apply to SC.

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Maybe the reliant as it has some guns? Not that I would go to low-sec space but maybe medium-sec.  Otherwise the Aurora LN is a good low priced option. Retaliator is next to useless unless what your running is REALLY valuable and worth it to have all of the crew. 

No starfarer for me. Even the G will be slow and susceptible to boarding without full crew on board.

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17 minutes ago, faquarl25 said:

 Retaliator is next to useless unless what your running is REALLY valuable and worth it to have all of the crew. 

The Retaliator base model has a lot of cargo and guns galore to match it, so the profit margins are probably razor thin for running common goods with a full crew, but high risk goods should have pay to match.  If you were to figure out howe to rate ships by their DoT to Cargo units ratio the Retaliator probably has one of the most favorable ratios.  But its size could be its limiting factor if going stealth or through small jump points is important. 


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1 hour ago, Booster Terrik said:

I hope my Phoenix and Bmm are useful for that otherwise I made a mistake ;)

In the video he points out the BMM is supposed to be a blockade runner, so in its very heart it should be able to push through with the goods.

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2 hours ago, SlickReed said:

I think the Reliant might actually be my first choice now I think about it, alot of potential in that ship.



Reliant smuggling.jpg

Reliant small.png

Yeah, the fact that it has 2 size 3 hard points is a major draw. I am struggling between it and the avenger. The reliant would be better for hauling common goods but the Avenger would be better if I ever get into a brawl. I have the upgrades to CCU between the two of them several times so it should not be a problem once the reliant is flyable

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