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Hey guys, so I'm looking for a Starferer Gemini LTI i will buy one for 290$ (fees excluded (meaning ill pay the fees which will probably come out to 305$)) Paypal only. I purchase fast (as long as everything is verified) with no problems. Experienced sellers only please, thank you.

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    • By c4artist
      I have an LTI P-72. I would like to trade it for any starter pack that includes Squadren 42 and PU.  Ship doesn’t matter. I expect it would likely be an Aurora with 3 months ins. 

    • By AstroJak
      Hello my fellow Star Citizens, I'm offering up a Hull of a lot of LTI Tokens for sale... at cost!!!
      All the standard rules apply... PP fee (if applicable) not included in price below.
      LTI Nox (blk/kue) - $40
      LTI X1 Base - $40
      MPUV Personnel - $40
      Pm me if you have any questions.
    • By Kabs
      Hello Guys,
      i decided to sell my 890 Jump LTI Original Concept for 1075 $ / 963 € or an reasonable offer
      payment would be done over paypal. buyer needs to pay the paypal fee. Verified PayPal only.
      best regards
    • By Ambermann
      I am in search of an LTI insured Origin 890 Jump. It can be either concept, in a package, or CCU upgraded (if that was ever a thing for this ship) just so long as it is LTI. Please offer here on this post or send me a PM to discuss prices.