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    • By NicLovin
      I know everything is still in development and is likely to change and be adjusted but I started this for fun to see what types of ship pledges would have the most in game UEC value. I really wanted to know if the more expensive ship pledges would be exponentially harder to get in game and see if there was some sort of sliding scale of pledge cost to in game cost. I initially expected a somewhat linear correlation between real dollars and UEC cost, but obviously a whole mess of factors go into determining its price and I was surprised at a few ships that really gave you some UEC bang for your buck.  I started with gathering the UEC ship prices from the "New Deal" in Lorville. Once I had that I then compared it with what the rent cost was in Arena commander and found that every ship's rent cost was exactly 33.33333... times less than its full buy price. Knowing that, I then was able to find out the current 3.3.6 UEC buy price of most of the flyable ships in game (restricted to if we could rent it in Arena Commander). Once I had the UEC buy price, I compared that to its real world cost and found each ships dollar to UEC value. Some results such as the Avenger Titan were surprising, but it seems that typically the larger the ship the more value per dollar your pledge is, but of course there are exceptions to this, with all the factors that go into a ship. I had wanted to make a graph showing UEC/$ value to pledge size but there were so many great smaller ships it wouldn't have been a nice clean graph, haha. 
      At the end of the day, we buy ships to support the game, but first and foremost get something that you'd want to fly 

      I made this for fun and to help me decide what to aim for when the game goes live. I did a cursory look on the forums to see if anyone else did the same, but didn't see anything else. If anyone else has something similar please post it and I'd love to compare data!
      Edit: As requested i put it up on google drive for easier viewing. 
      As far as some of the pricing discrepancies go (EG a base model being more expensive in game than its upgraded variant) I am pretty certain that some if not most of the prices were set way back when they first implemented renting and they just haven't gone back to readjust them now that purchasing ships in game is getting close to a full fledged thing. Take all of these numbers with quite a few grains of salt. Another thing to keep in mind as well, as stated by CR in one of his 10 for the chairmen, the price of ships and goods will eventually vary based on location, supply and demand, cost of materials that would normally be used to build the ship, and some other things as well.

    • By VoA
      Wanted to bring this discussion to SCB - and bring forth the perspective of being EXTREMELY happy with the concept of the larger ships (even medium ones) being expensive to earn in game.   CR said in 2014 that it would take two weeks to earn a Connie in game (but CR and CIG quickly backtracked on that - which is good).   In Citizencon CIG revealed some aUEC prices for buying ships in game (and renting as well) and this guy "wanted to quit" based on it which is ludicrous and he clearly hasn't been following the Pledge Campaign.    CR has always explained that ships (the bigger ones are very expensive and he compared a Cessna cost to the cost of an Air Craft Carrier (appropriate analogy for the Kraken concept release)).
      THIS UNDERSCORES the importance of catering your overall game PLEDGE (remember it is not just picking up a ship but supporting the development of the game) ---- towards the LARGER ships since they will be extremely expensive to earn in game AS IT SHOULD BE
      Reddit Thread below...
      + Please NO Pay to Win (P2W) arguments here since that has been debunked long ago - thanks
      Here are a couple of good replies by others....
      GrappleShotgun Not in the least. It's all about figuring out how the economy will run. The prices are not final, so you can relax.
      Mr_StephenB Prices won't be final and CIG did say renting you desired ship is much more economical.
      Ship prices
      u/exission (note this guy makes an assumption which I think is logical 1/10 of aUEC) During the demo, the the following ships prices(in aUEC, which I assume is 1/10 of an UEC) were revealed:
      Hammerhead: 21,429,600 Prospector: 1,620,750 Aurora: 220,900
      The cost of 1000 UEC is $1 USD. That means that for example, an Aurora = 220,900/10 = 22,090 and 22,090/1000 = $22.09 USD. A prospector would be roughly equal to $162 USD and a Hammerhead to $2,142 USD. The hammerhead is x 3.2 times more expensive in game. The other two seem to match their current USD pricing.
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