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ComCitizen Reaches Out To Imperium

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Hello Imperium. 

My name is Youngbllood.  I have a proposition regarding public events and inter-organization networking for Star Citizen.

ComCitizen is a newly formed community designed to network and provide events for all Star Citizen players regardless of race, affiliation, or how big your ship is.  Our goal is to provide routine public events using the alpha elements we have at our disposal.  When more system's come online, we'll shift our event coordination appropriately.   This includes combat events ranging from Arena Commander based bracketed tournaments to Security Station Kareah assaults with a five man Freelancer team. 

Take a look at our site : http://www.comcitizen.com

I expect to launch publicly within the next 2 weeks.  I hope that I will have Imperium's support in being the first hardcore community that will register with ComCitizen.  All that is required is an acceptance of our networking and public event mission.  If this offer holds interest for your administration, I would appreciate a brief audience so that we may discuss the details and the link sharing campaign that comes with out network.

ComCitizen, one brought online, will be optimized for search engines organic rankings to compete with RSI's website.  Our goal is to not over take RSI in organic rankings, but to be listed very close to them when new prospects discover the game.

Thank you for your time and attention.


ComCitizen Founder


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Hello @Youngblood, and welcome to Star Citizen Base and the Imperium forums. I am the Sub-Commander for Diplomacy, and handle all of our external relations, so from this post forward, I would recommend any specific communications on relations be sent in a PM to myself and our Diplomacy Officers who have been listed above. 

It's really great to see different organizations and fans working to try to coordinate and network with each other! With over a million different potential citizens out there, there is definitely a need for helping coordinate a lot of events, and unless CIG is able to pull out a system that no other game has done before, it will take external sites to be able to provide those functions.

I have taken a look at your site, and it looks pretty nice! I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Since you have made a public request for support, I will give a public response, but would definitely be open to any more private communications you may want to do if you're interested in a form of collaboration.

In case you didn't know, SCB has its own Portal system which does many of the similar functions that your site plans on doing.  You can find it here. We are also still in development on some of the mission and academy related sections, but the system itself is designed to provide any members of the Star Citizen community the ability to sign up for missions, and provides a rating and feedback system, shows hangar and ship availability, as well as integration into the training and academy system. In short, we already have a system in place that will do all of what your site is advertising as its key features, and is also open to the entire SC community, and is already in use by multiple organizations with whom we have developed close relationships.

As such, while we appreciate the outreach and willingness to approach us, we don't have a need for most of the features of ComCitizen. However, if you take a look at our Portal and think you have some ideas of how we could possibly collaborate together on some of the systems, then feel free to message us for a chat.

Thanks again for this message, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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