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MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

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On 7/31/2016 at 4:42 PM, Devil Khan said:

Still think that is the most stupid part having the "radar" on the botton. Fine for a ship in space, but anything that lands ...


Do you not understand the significance of "above ground level" or AGL in flight parlance? That's one radar reading that tells a pilot how far above the ground he is. When you fly NOE (look it up), your altitude AGL is VERY important. GPR is a separate system on the ships.

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So lemme get this straight.

You're taking issue with the fact that a mining ship - designed for finding ores and minerals in the ground - has a special ground-penetrating radar that's pointing at the ground?


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Personally I'd prefer if it didn't go out so far. It would be fine if we had large flat areas without rocks and "stuff". It's fine like the retaliator rotating it's engines they clipped the ground still it is still a retaliator how many of you have wallpaper or posters. Anyway, they are all my opinion have zero ruling in CIGs law.

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10 hours ago, Devil Khan said:

Personally I'd prefer if it didn't go out so far. It would be fine if we had large flat areas without rocks and "stuff". It's fine like the retaliator rotating it's engines they clipped the ground still it is still a retaliator how many of you have wallpaper or posters. Anyway, they are all my opinion have zero ruling in CIGs law.

For the retaliator, I like the fact that it can't just land in the middle of the desert. It is not designed fro exploration and would not have those requirements (kings of like how f/a 18s can't land on a dirt runway). On the other hand, I am fine with hand wavy magic for the GPR, even if it has to be far from the ground (as it will need to be with all the rocks (or maybe the want to force us to find a super flat spot!).

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Very nice the Prospector is nearly flyable. However they should really fix the glass looking outward. I mean you don't see the reflection on normal place/helicopter glass?

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