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MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship)

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Read about it here:
MISC Prospector Unearthed




MISC Prospector



The big difference between the Orion and Prospector will be:

Orion = Large Mining Ship used for Mining Asteroid fields (mines by breaking up asteroids then tractoring in the rocks to be process and refined).  The Orion is not suitable for mining on Planets or Planetoids (moons).  Orion will also have mining drones.  For reference: Star Citizen Careers: Mining  The Orion has a Max Crew of 6 

Prospector = Small Mining Ship with a Crew of 1.   The MISC Mining Ship will likely be used to Mine on Planets and Moons - in addition to Asteroids = where the Orion is really only designed to Mine Asteroids (mainly due to its size and design). Since "size" also determines its ability to Refine Ore (since this process requires a great deal of equipment) = ONLY the Orion will have a built-in Ore Refining Option.

VoA | VoA said:

CR just told us what the name is of the MISC small mining ship = MISC Prospector


25:12 - Future Concept Ships

Transcript of the relevant part, courtesy of INN:


[25:16] Drewscifer asks: What can we expect going forward with regard to yet to be placed into concept ships? Ships like the 'starter' RSI Zeus to the rumoured new pirate interceptor and the much speculated Corvette?

(section of answer regarding RSI Zeus, RSI Polaris, Drake Buccaneer removed)

But, yep there’s a lot of cool stuff and the next one we are going to probably focus on is the much smaller mining ship. I know people have been looking for ships that are not just necessarily combat orientated. And also rather different roles and with our procedural planets set up we’ve been looking at how we can have ships that can go down and maybe fly around, scan and pull in some minerals because we’ll make that part of the gameplay when procedural planetoids roll out, which will be in the near future.

So some of them will just be rocky planetoids maybe with minerals on, some will be a bigger planet with oceans and all the rest of the stuff on. But one of the things we think we could do in a large procedural area is look for minerals and basically mind for them and so the idea is the MISC Prospector will be a sort of one person version of that. Because the RSI Orion which is the big mining ship is very much built with some of the bigger mining operations in massive asteroid fields. It’s a super cool ship but it’s a really big ship and isn’t so inclined to working down on the planetary surface stuff, looking and mining and strip mining materials. That’s really what the MISC Prospector is.

And the MISC Prospector’s going to be built to pull up and gathering minerals and then maybe take the containers and put them on another ship, like one of the Hull classes, that you can fly off somewhere that needs some minerals. It should be pretty cool. So the design’s coming along well and hopefully you guys will be excited. Non-combat ships I know a fair amount of people ask for that. I think it’s one of the cool things with Star CItizen. It’s not just about dog fighting or fighting other people, there will be many other ways to make money. Maybe there’s people that have to protect the mining operation and there’s people that are doing the mining operation and there will all be great ways to make money.

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54 minutes ago, OskarH said:

Only thing I will know for certain is that my wallet will be lighter!

Single purpose...possibly single seat ship. Would it be too far fetched to suggest a price around what the Hull A was? I'm not expecting it to be expensive.

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3 minutes ago, Minted said:

Single purpose...possibly single seat ship. Would it be too far fetched to suggest a price around what the Hull A was? I'm not expecting it to be expensive.

Hull B is also a single seater ship and is bigger (more of a Medium Ship) <<--- and think that a Mining Ship that can't refine Ore needs to be a bigger size (otherwise it won't be very profitable).

I think the single pilot thing may have to do more with Procedural generation than anything else - writing a separate thread on this (and ya another poll - since they are fun :P )  - Note - just realized this should have been posted on the "speculation thread".... ;)

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18 minutes ago, Xeen said:

Hmmm, should I get one of the one-man jobs too... ?

I think so.   The reason is the Orion will not have the option to mine on Planetoids (kind of like the Carrack can't travel and map small jump points) - you'll need the Prospector to mine on Planetoids.   Besides.... remember that Chris Roberts mentioned you can have NPCs off running their own missions for you - and the Prospector would be an excellent canidate for NPC mining for you (and even NPC cargo pick-up and delivery) - get your personal fleet to make you UEC on the side while you are gallivanting about the Verse :P


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7 minutes ago, Xeen said:

I don't like the idea of playing the game by not playing the game at all...

You are playing the game though - you just have multiple tasks going on at the same time with more things to manage.  It is like a RTS or Turn Based Strategy game - where you have delegated work or tasks to smaller units / minions / henchmen / etc.... that is just as much a part of Star Citizen as sitting in a pilot's seat on a space ship or at an engineering station....... or in some cases..... sitting at a bar watching your favorite Sata Ball match (in fiction - in the Verse) while monitoring your mining and shipping operations abroad (its all part of Star Citizen) - but to each their own.....

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When you log off (stop playing the game) your NPC's go off-duty, play games, drink coffee and clean your hangar until you log back on, then they go back on duty.

No offline play.

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52 minutes ago, Puls0nic said:

When you log off (stop playing the game) your NPC's go off-duty, play games, drink coffee and clean your hangar until you log back on, then they go back on duty.

No offline play.

Correct - no off-line play - I wonder if they will take your ship back to a port if they don't have a bed (like what happens to a player ship) :P


When you log back in though - I am sure they can pick up where they left off (even if they have to fly back from a landing pad again).

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18 hours ago, VoA said:

Correct - no off-line play - I wonder if they will take your ship back to a port if they don't have a bed (like what happens to a player ship) :P


When you log back in though - I am sure they can pick up where they left off (even if they have to fly back from a landing pad again).

If I remember correctly: 

Login off without the use of bed = ship will fly to nearest port or nearest hangar you have (might be selectable), but it might come to a risk that they might encounter a fight or something. Now no clue how they will do it, because it might be that your ship actually converts into another ship and your ship is like "supposedly" already docked when you log back in. Thus making it so that other players will just see you fly away or return back. Of course this puts some concern of: "if I DC will my ship stop for 5' until I relog and if I don't relog will it turn to base?" What if you're in a massive raid and this happen.


Logging of in a bed without someone at your side: your ship ship will de-spawn and you'll wake up back at the same position in the universe and the server will slowly leak in the data of what happens around you. but if you log out in a bed with someone at your side either inside or in space: the ship will remain there and start with the procedure mentioned above: return to nearest. Now question remains: can we pass out command to avoid that the ship does crazy things with someone on board, so that the PC can continue with the mission, if the PC is inside the ship. Uf so much possibilities!


Sorry for off topic!

As for the prospector mining ship. Will it really be that spider-ish ship? It doesn't really look that MISC to me to be honest.

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RTV today - 


The MISC Prospector is the next concept ship. Much smaller individual mining ship. 

We'll see more of the Prospector soon. 'Think of the Toyota car, they make cheap sedans, and then they make big trucks', Ben likes the idea that they make consumer grade and industrial ships.


- Prospector maybe next week but it is probably late April.

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Nice one, VoA.

Definitely grabbing this one too :)

*edit: @VoA Ment to say mate. Cheers for all the updates. Lots of us have not got the time to trawl through all the info and your posts serve to stop people like me missing some of the important stuff. Keep it up :)

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RTV - Just now...




- [Will owners of the Orion get a MISC Prospector to test?] Won't necessarily go in before the Orion. Orion's still being developped too. In a theoretical future scenario where the Prospector's available and the Orion not, they'd give a Prospector.





- Week in Review - Final concept art for the MISC Prospector came in.



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I, for one, am rather happy with this initial design.  Guns are in a good place and it has this Freelancer/Endeavor-hybrid look.  Though honestly I'd rather prefer engines to be well away from drilling apparatus as I would be bumping them into asteroids all the time... also, maybe those white rings on the underside are lights, the center of the cockpit is for the laser operator and the dark circle underneath (with the orange outlines on the sides) could be the mining laser? idk.

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I think it looks pretty cool. I would have loved to see The Ores ship make it in instead, but we'll see what the rest looks like tomorrow.

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This looks very interesting. Dangit, I love MISC ships.

Its not final artwork but it does look like the Prospector has a better cockpit view then the Freelancer, more akin to the Reliant.
I hope they give us something like that for the Freelancer DUR variant. I need to see more space! SPAAAACE!

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      🛠 Add-ons, BUKs, hangar decorations & other stuff
      🔧 Ship upgrades:
      Target ship Base ship Price, USD Price, EUR Carrack Starfarer Gemini     Carrack Starfarer     Freelancer MIS Taurus     Gladiator Taurus     Khartu-Al Freelancer MAX     Origin M50 Gladius     Retaliator Bomber Redeemer     Retaliator Bomber Vanguard Sentinel     Sabre Super Hornet     Sabre Gladiator     Sabre Taurus     Super Hornet Taurus     Terrapin Khartu-Al     Terrapin Taurus     Vanguard Warden Caterpillar     Vanguard Warden Constellation Andromeda