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Buy-Back Tokens Now Available

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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads up as I know this was a hot topic.

Buy-back tokens have now been issued to those eligible for one. Remember this is to use store credit in the buy-back system, and for those who had one but didn't use it they will not accumulate (there will only be one at any given time).

Have fun and have a fantastic Friday people! :)





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2 hours ago, monobloc said:

I really loathe these tokens. They should just open up buy backs for credit, let people get on with it.

Is it just me?

that would be nice


they did mention they might add more tokens at some big sales, but they did not know yet

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I think they are so tacky because they are trying to tantalize and annoy us into spending cash.

Which is annoying in itself... like something Ricky Gervais would do.

I like Ricky, he comes from where I used to live. He makes me laugh but I imagine he could get on your nerves, if he wanted to.


Only explanation I can think of is Chris must have gone mad with power. Could happen to anyone.

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