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 ASTROJAK rev2.png

ASTROJAK special ship.png


Standalone Ships                     

ORIGINAL CONCEPT SHIPS*   (*) Concept ship with LTI unless stated otherwise.          Anniversary Sale Ships

  $45 - LTI MPUV Cargo                                                                   $75 - Hull A - 4 yr

  $45 - LTI YellowJacket                                                                   $100 - Avenger - Warlock - 4 yr

  $50 - LTI MPUV Personnel                                                              $105 - Hull B  - 4 yr

  $60 - LTI 85X                                                                               $170 - Cutlass Blue - 4 yr

  $135 - LTI Buccaneer                                                                    $375 - Orion - 4 yr

  $150 - LTI Razor                                                                          $400 - Hull D  - 4 yr

 $165 - LTI Prospector                                                                   $415 - 3 yr Conni Phoenix                 

  $190 - LTI Hurricane                                                                    $415 - 4 yr Conni Phoenix

  $210 - LTI Terrapin                 

  $225 - LTI Hull C 

  $245 - LTI Vanguard Hoplite  

  $500 - LTI Prowler

  $825 - LTI Polaris (non-warbond)


All ships listed below are CCU'd unless otherwise noted and all have LTI.

Standard CCU'd Ships with LTI                                                Rare CCU'd Ships with LTI                          

$105 - LTI Gladius                                                                         $190 - LTI Super Hornet

$115 - LTI Cutlass Black                                                              

$125 - LTI Hornet                                                                         $275 - LTI Vanduul Blade

$125 - LTI Freelancer                                                                    $295 - LTI Merchantman

$135 - LTI Cutlass Red                                                                  $295 - LTI Retaliator Bomber

$140 - LTI Ghost (Hornet)        

$140 - LTI Freelancer DUR

$155 - LTI Tracker (Hornet)

$155 - LTI Freelancer MAX

$165 - LTI Taurus (Conni)

$240 - LTI Andromeda (Conni)

$265 - LTI Redeemer

$300 - LTI Aquila (Conni)

(*) Concept ship with LTI unless stated otherwise.



3 - War Bond Polaris - $700.00 ea                                                                               

temp 1.png




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I bought one of Astrojak's ships.  He can be trusted.  Felt better dealing with a long standing Imperium member. And as a logn time member myself, my vouch for him can be taken seriously as well.  No offense to you 1 post members, but you understand. :)


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Invoice recieved and paid Astro is a  great guy, I will post again when I have recieved the ship :-) 

Package recieved: Guys if you are looking for a great and trustworthy shop, buy from this guy: smooth and easy transactions! I am new to the forums and I can recommend him to every person looking to add new ships to their fleet!

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On the news from Disco that indeed the Gemini will increase in price to $340 to match the current price of the Starfare... My Gemini has sold.

Take note; anyone looking at the Merchantman, which is another heavily discounted ship, should buy sooner than later because when it is hanger ready mark my words it will increase in price dramatically.




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    • By CaptainPrice
      Hello. I am new here. Yes, I may not be trusted as I may or may not be a scammer in the eyes of non-new (I guess that's a word?) people here. Anyway, im looking to sell the Constellation Aquila package I have. Im not interested in the game anymore, and instead of just letting this package sit there. I might as well try and get some money back. I am not able to gift it as I have upgraded to it and I guess that makes it so you cant gift? So, I am offering my account. Im assuming I can change details etc, so it can be used by someone else. I am willing to use a middle man, or whatever that will add as much trust as possible. I also forgot to mention the package comes with the Merlin and a hornet. From what I think I know, this package is worth around $220 but I am willing to go a lot lower. Offers wouldn't be a bad idea as well.$275
    • By theDubL
      Small org and occasionally have some overstock. Rather than the goods just wasting space, we want to make the overstock available to you! These will be bought back and if an CCU'd ship it will be made to order.
      -5 GMT - East Coast USA
      PM me should you anything interests you. All prices include fees. Everything is negotiable (not really trying to make big profits), but buyer will always pay fees at least.
      PM me with your RSI handle and PayPal email. Your PayPal email should be the email account also associated with your RSI handle.
      Ship Upgrades
      F7A military Hornet Upgrade                                         - 150.00 USD, OBO
      LTI - Standalone Ships - Original Concepts
      Standalone Ship - MISC Prospector                   -  LTI  - 160.00 USD
      Standalone Ship - Anvil Hurricane                     -  LTI  - 195.00 USD 
      Standalone Ship – Aegis Gladius Valiant            -  LTI  - 125.00 USD  
      Standalone Ship – MPUV Cargo                          - LTI  -  50.00  USD  
      CCU'ed Ships
      Retaliator Bomber   (Aquila CCU'd - Tali bomber,  MV = 275.00)    - LTI  - 310.00          
      F7M Super Hornet   (Hurricane LTI Standalone CCU'd -  Super Hornet,  MV = 180.00)    - LTI  - 215.00   
      Ship Upgrades - F7C Hornet to Sabre Upgrade            -  80.00  USD
      Constellation Aquila to Carrack Upgrade                      -  90.00  USD
    • By Viking
      Hi everyone,

      I'm selling unmelts for reasonable prices. Most ships come with LTI.
      All prices are in US Dollars (USD) and inclusive PayPal fee, which means I pay the fee.
      All packages contain both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 digital downloads!
      Amount                                                               Price
      for sale    Item                                        Insurance    per item
         1        300i (standalone ship)                      LTI          $90   SOLD!
         2        300i (Bounty Hunter package)                LTI          $100  SOLD!
         7        300i (Digital Bounty Hunter package)        LTI          $100  SOLD!
         1        315p Explorer (standalone ship)             LTI          $105  SOLD!
         1        325a Fighter (standalone ship)              LTI          $115  SOLD!
         3        350r Racer (standalone ship)                LTI          $200  SOLD!

         1        350r Racer (package)                        2yr          $195    1        350r Racer (standalone ship)                2yr          $175
         4        Aurora LX (standalone ship)                 LTI          $80  SOLD!
         5  4     Aurora LX upgrade (MR -> LX)                N/A          $25
         9  8     Avenger Stalker (standalone ship)           LTI          $115
         4        Avenger Stalker (Advanced Hunter package)   LTI          $125  SOLD!
         1        Carrack (standalone ship)                   LTI          $485  SOLD!
         3  2     Constellation Andromeda (standalone ship)   LTI          $315
         3        Cutlass Black (standalone ship + Bonus)     LTI          $145  SOLD!
         5        Cutlass Black (Digital Pirate package)      LTI          $160  SOLD!
         1        Endeavor Base (standalone ship)             4yr          $455
         1        Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship)        3yr          $550
         1        Endeavor Discovery (standalone ship)        4yr          $550
         1        Endeavor Hope (standalone ship)             3yr          $585
         1        Endeavor Olympic (standalone ship)          3yr          $650
        13  7     F7C Hornet (Digital Colonel package)        LTI          $185
         1        F7C-M Super Hornet (package)                2yr          $260
         8        F7C-M Super Hornet upgrade (F7C -> F7C-M)   N/A          $85  SOLD!
         2        F7C-R Hornet Tracker (SWACS package)        LTI          $235
         2        F7C-R Hornet Ghost (SPECTER package)        LTI          $215
        10  6     Freelancer (Digital Freelancer package)     LTI          $185
         1        Freelancer MIS (standalone ship)            2yr          $215  SOLD!
         1        Herald (standalone ship)                    3yr          $125
         1        Khartu-al Scout (standalone ship)           2yr          $170  SOLD!
         1        M50 (standalone ship)                       2yr          $130  SOLD!
         1        M50 (package)                               2yr          $150  SOLD!
         2        Merchantman (standalone ship)               2yr          $455
         1        Retaliator Bomber (standalone ship)         2yr          $365
         1        Starfarer (standalone ship)                 2yr          $355

      This is how a sale is done:
      You contact me on PM about the item(s) you want to buy. You're welcome to ask me any questions in this thread, if you're wondering about prices, how upgrades work, or other sales related things. I send an invoice of the amount (given on this page) to your PayPal email address. You pay the invoice. When I've received your payment I Buy Back (unmelt) the item(s) and gift it / them to your RSI email address. You check that you've received the item(s) you bought. Both of us add feedback to each others forum accounts (here on Star Citizen Base). NOTE: When you contact me on PM, please state your PayPal email address (for the invoice), plus your RSI handle, and the email address for gifting (if different from your PayPal email). If you don't mention these details I must ask for them and it takes longer to complete the trade because of more messages back and forth.
      NOTE: Some ships will be gifted from my Viking account and some from my Wicing account on RSI.
      NOTE: The images shown of the unmelt items are examples and so the date may vary.

      My RSI account email is the same as my Paypal email address and my email address in this forum.
      Proof of my RSI and Paypal accounts will be given on request on PM.
      I've sold many ships here before. See my feedback.    
    • By Inferniken
      I have a Banu Defender concept pack with LTI which I would like to exchange for an Anvil Carrack with LTI.
      I will also pay the difference of $165.
      I would prefer to trade for an original concept Carrack, however this can be discussed in PMs.
      The method of my payment is flexible but i would preffer to use paypal.
      This is my first time making any kind of trade so please bare with me if I'm quite cautious.