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Standalone Ships                     

ORIGINAL CONCEPT SHIPS*   (*) Concept ship with LTI unless stated otherwise.          Anniversary Sale Ships

  $45 - LTI MPUV Cargo                                                                   $75 - Hull A - 4 yr

  $45 - LTI YellowJacket                                                                   $100 - Avenger - Warlock - 4 yr

  $50 - LTI MPUV Personnel                                                              $105 - Hull B  - 4 yr

  $60 - LTI 85X                                                                               $170 - Cutlass Blue - 4 yr

  $135 - LTI Buccaneer                                                                    $375 - Orion - 4 yr

  $150 - LTI Razor                                                                          $400 - Hull D  - 4 yr

 $165 - LTI Prospector                                                                   $415 - 3 yr Conni Phoenix                 

  $190 - LTI Hurricane                                                                    $415 - 4 yr Conni Phoenix

  $210 - LTI Terrapin                 

  $225 - LTI Hull C 

  $245 - LTI Vanguard Hoplite  

  $500 - LTI Prowler

  $825 - LTI Polaris (non-warbond)


All ships listed below are CCU'd unless otherwise noted and all have LTI.

Standard CCU'd Ships with LTI                                                Rare CCU'd Ships with LTI                          

$105 - LTI Gladius                                                                         $190 - LTI Super Hornet

$115 - LTI Cutlass Black                                                              

$125 - LTI Hornet                                                                         $275 - LTI Vanduul Blade

$125 - LTI Freelancer                                                                    $295 - LTI Merchantman

$135 - LTI Cutlass Red                                                                  $295 - LTI Retaliator Bomber

$140 - LTI Ghost (Hornet)        

$140 - LTI Freelancer DUR

$155 - LTI Tracker (Hornet)

$155 - LTI Freelancer MAX

$165 - LTI Taurus (Conni)

$240 - LTI Andromeda (Conni)

$265 - LTI Redeemer

$300 - LTI Aquila (Conni)

(*) Concept ship with LTI unless stated otherwise.



3 - War Bond Polaris - $700.00 ea                                                                               

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I bought one of Astrojak's ships.  He can be trusted.  Felt better dealing with a long standing Imperium member. And as a logn time member myself, my vouch for him can be taken seriously as well.  No offense to you 1 post members, but you understand. :)


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Invoice recieved and paid Astro is a  great guy, I will post again when I have recieved the ship :-) 

Package recieved: Guys if you are looking for a great and trustworthy shop, buy from this guy: smooth and easy transactions! I am new to the forums and I can recommend him to every person looking to add new ships to their fleet!

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On the news from Disco that indeed the Gemini will increase in price to $340 to match the current price of the Starfare... My Gemini has sold.

Take note; anyone looking at the Merchantman, which is another heavily discounted ship, should buy sooner than later because when it is hanger ready mark my words it will increase in price dramatically.




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