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MISC - Prospector (Mining Ship) - Concept Sale Price [POLL]

MISC - Mining Ship - Concept Sale Price [POLL]   29 members have voted

  1. 1. MISC - Mining Ship - What Price do you expect CIG to set for the Concept Sale Price?

    • $50
    • $75
    • $100
    • $125
    • $150
    • $175
    • $200
    • $225
    • $250

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36 posts in this topic

Depends what we will get I guess. I hope it is Connie sized but it will probably be freelancer sized. I might pick one up if the mechanics of solo mining look promising.

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1 hour ago, GeraldEvans said:

That's double what I guessed and takes it right out of consideration.


40 minutes ago, Booster Terrik said:

Depends what we will get I guess. I hope it is Connie sized but it will probably be freelancer sized. I might pick one up if the mechanics of solo mining look promising.

If it were under $100 then the ship would be a very small ship that wouldn't make much profit. Hopefully the $140 Prospector will be closer in size to a Medium Ship and make decent profit as a result :)

Booster Terrik likes this

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I have a feeling that Imperium hasn't voted on this new poll on RSI Forums..... and we'll probably end up turning the tide to the Yes majority... :)

[Poll] Will you be buying the Misc Prospector?

Posted: 7:31AM
Edited: 7:32AM by Xorgo
It's $140.
Sale starts on 4-22-16


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48 minutes ago, Switch said:

General chat polls are always filled with trolls, they can say "no" all they want but will it change me or thousands of others buying the ship on release? Nope.

While I am solicitous "Yes" votes for CIG (remember gotta keep up my clandestine CIG salesperson persona ;) ) - we also need more "Yes" votes on .... (and I know Imperium can changes the %'s drastically) -->

Xi'An Volper Bomber - Concept Sale Price (Spoiler) - [POLL]

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Voted, I'd like to see another dedicated bomber in the game. The gladiator is too small and the retaliator was very poorly thought out in regard to number and placement of turrets and pilot control. 

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