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Great analysis @Danakar Endeel

The oddest thing with the Redeemer is how small and compact it is vs other ships ..... making very efficient use of space.   It will likely get larger and have the extra two unmanned turrets CR wanted to see added onto it.

Those that picked up a Redeemer for $250 will be glad they did :)


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On 24-6-2017 at 8:48 AM, VoA said:

Great analysis @Danakar Endeel

The oddest thing with the Redeemer is how small and compact it is vs other ships ..... making very efficient use of space.   It will likely get larger and have the extra two unmanned turrets CR wanted to see added onto it.

Those that picked up a Redeemer for $250 will be glad they did :)


Yeah, it is very strange and the 'because of eventual rework' sounds like a lame excuse. Several other ships have seen extensive reworks (Freelancer, Constellation, Cutlass) but none were ever removed from the store because of it. Other ships are also getting reworks (Aurora, 300 series) yet are sold normally.

Heck, the Cutlass Flashfire Mount is broken and likely not going to be in the game at all yet it's still getting sold.

So I suspect that the main reason for CIG removing the Redeemer from the store is because of the $0 Redeemer-to-Merchantman CCU because CIG wants to severely limit the number of people giving themselves a $100 discount by using it as a CCU step to the upcoming Origin 600 (which will likely cost around $375-$450).

$40 NOX LTI > $210 NOX-to-Redeemer CCU > $0 Redeemer-to-BMM CUU > $25+ BMM-to-Origin 600 = $100 discount

As such I also predict that CIG's next step will be to remove all $0 CCU tokens before the Origin 600 goes on sale. That way they can ensure that only people who already have a Merchantman can choose to CCU to the Origin 600 for a discount. Others will need to buy the cash-only Warbond for a discount.

At any rate, I'm happy to have my Redeemer as well as a $250 Merchantman while also still having an original Redeemer (the one with a game package) in my BuyBack. So once the announcement comes that CIG will remove the $0 CCUs (they said we would get an early warning) I can just get my second Redeemer out of storage and apply a $0 CCU BMM token to my other one.

Can't take the sky from me! :P

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Redeemer back in store until july 10

 Disco Lando | CIG ⚡@discolando
Today at 01:15 pm



We've been hearing a lot about the Redeemer for a while now. The Star Citizen community has no shortage of opinions on the Redeemer, and part of this has been due to its unique nature within our project's development. 


At this point in that development. there are only a small number of ships in "Hangar Readiness" as we've refined our pipeline to phase this milestone out and bring ships straight through to Flight Ready status once they begin production. This is why you haven't seen a new Hangar Ready ship since Alpha 2.4 just over a year ago. With this change, only a small handful of ships like the Freelancer and Connie variants are still waiting in a Hangar Ready state. Those and of course, the Redeemer.


I'm certain it will come as no surprise to many of you that the Redeemer is a bit of an island unto its own. It was developed by backers in our TNGS contest, had a mild conversion to Hangar Ready status, and has been awaiting the combo of resources/priority since that time to be rebuilt into a flight-ready member of the Star Citizen spaceship community. The biggest difference between the hangar variants and the Redeemer is that there's a current, flight-ready example of the Freelancer and Connie in game right now, so it’s easier for the buyer to have an informed idea about what they're getting, either by watching videos, renting the ships with REC, or just talking to their fellow Citizens. The Redeemer does not have such an advantage.


The Redeemer is currently scheduled for a rework in the coming year (2018). As it is, like many ships built around that time (a couple years ago), it was done so outside of our current metrics and technologies. As much of the community have already surmised, it will need work before it can take its place within the pantheon of flyable ships for Star Citizen. This presents an uncertainty regarding the Redeemer that no other permanently available ship in our store possesses (see above). When it's time comes, we will have to work out what revisions need to be done, and what aspects we can still bring forward, with a mindful effort to maintain as many of them as we can, just as we've done with every revamp before this. For this reason, and due the feedback from this community we've heard for some time on this same topic, we've decided the best course of action in the interim is to remove it from its permanent availability until such time as we have a better understanding of what is involved in its rework.


That being said, there have been two conversation points raised since we've made this change.


The first is that this change was made as a result of $0 CCU hoarding. While we still have the $0 CCU issue as a whole, this particular action was not taken with any consideration other than the ones mentioned above.


The second is that we did not provide notice. This is the first time we've removed an item from permanent availability in the store, and we agree with many of you that we should have provided notice. For this reason, and to accommodate those with liquid CCU fleets, we are restoring the Redeemer and all relevant CCUs to the store until July 10th, at which point the ship will be removed again until such time as we can better share with you details about its future.

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Cyclone and Redeemer a good team up [maybe]

On Spectrum

by angelarch + Remember the Redeemer will likely get a bit bigger (I don't think it should but right now it is "too efficient" compared to the rest of the CIG desgins for use of interior space / turrets / etc..)



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It is obvious...

once the rework is done they sell it for $350

$250 was to cheap compared to a Vanguard Warden, at least with all those guns.

and i do not mind if it gets bigger...


Wonder if a fixed size 6 fit on the lower turret spot ^^

if not, 2 missile-racks should do the trick too


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Very Happy that John Crew (CIG) just said in CIG live-stream that the Redeemer will focus on being a Gun Ship and the Valkyrie will focus on being a Dropship (which I think is cool but rather not CCU my Redeemer or even the Tali Drop ship module for the Valkyrie) :)

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1 hour ago, VoA said:

Interesting potential fan created re-work - and yes something like this is possible since CR did mention turrets on the ends as shown...


A decent fan creation and I like the more agressive stance. :)

However, the manned turrets on the sides look rather silly to me and I think remote turrets may be a better choice.  That way you also won't need to devote so much space for large walkways running straight through the engine nacelles. The current placement of the turrets combined with the overall design also provides zero coverage to the area directly beneath the ship and as such it creates a massive deadzone when it doesn't need to.  ;)

Personally I still prefer this other version:


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Hmmm I'm liking the New Redeemer style MOAR GUNS!!!

Seriously though, I like it that they will keep the outline, but  try to make it more aegis design and I love the make that they will be adding more guns to the ship.

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