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Devchat - February 12th to 24th - INN


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Devchat - February 12th to 24th - INN

Feb 24


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RayRoocroft-CIG (8:00:54 AM): We have made many changes to CS to cull down the number of tickets, reduce backlog and in turn, this allows us to do more community related stuff such as chat, reddit, forum and in game :)

Kraiklyn CIG (8:45:56 AM): We offer a 14 day grace period for refunds, once you are over 14 days, the ability to refund is lost.

Kraiklyn CIG (8:46:11 AM): But yeah, you can always exchange your ship or package for store credit and get something else instead.

Kraiklyn CIG (8:56:04 AM): I have a weird fascination of building huge cap ships and then crashing them into planets.

Kraiklyn CIG (10:45:38 AM): Torpedos are insanely powerful at the moment. I launched one toward port Kareah and it wiped out every ship landed there. :)









Toast_CIG (1:44:05 PM): I have heard no specific date for the corvette sale. Corvette would need to go through at least some degree of concept work before sale

WLeverett.CIG (3:29:39 PM): Hi everyone… doing a bit of a driveby announcement here but we’ve added a new Website section to the Issue Council. If you or any friends encounter any website bugs, feel free to post an Issue Council report.

WLeverett.CIG (3:29:47 PM): We’ll be bringing back the Launcher section later on this year.

WLeverett.CIG (3:29:49 PM): https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/issue-council






Toast_CIG (6:02:11 PM): Smaste – I’m sure it has nothing to do with the corvette, I see nobody here talking about it

Toast_CIG (6:03:04 PM): Vallon – you know as much as I do. Manufacturer is slated to be RSI, working name is Polaris. Ben gave some kind of guesstimate as to length, I know nothing else

Toast_CIG (6:04:01 PM): Vallon – it could work, one of the things that we now know takes up crazy amounts of internal room is hangar/flight ops

Toast_CIG (6:04:15 PM): if you don’t have that, you don’t need quite as much space

Toast_CIG (6:04:24 PM): small profile is also good for warships

Toast_CIG (6:04:42 PM): Vallon – it might, it might not. Corvettes can be made to different roles

Toast_CIG (6:05:00 PM): LCS have hangars or at least facilities for auxiliary craft. Missile boat corvettes generally don’t (in terms of real-world present day ships)

Toast_CIG (6:05:37 PM): So, I don’t know, but if you look at the Idris and Crucible, if the corvette can conduct flight ops it could not be that many

Toast_CIG (6:05:43 PM): unless the whole ship were devoted to it

Toast_CIG (6:05:49 PM): just my guess. I don’t know what the designers are planning

Toast_CIG (6:06:38 PM): could be. There are varying degrees of flight ops. Crucible has the room for a fighter – not just refuel and rearm, but repair, service, and maintenance

Toast_CIG (6:07:00 PM): Constellation form-fits one snubfighter and it seems unlikely you’ve got room for much tweaking or repair.

Toast_CIG (6:07:34 PM): irl, having a helipad lets you embark helicopters and some drones for surveillance and some cargo transport, but no hangar means very limited operational flexibility

Toast_CIG (6:07:53 PM): Some destroyers only have helipads. Some frigates have full-out hangars.

Toast_CIG (6:08:41 PM): Vallon – precisely. And if you want to use the helicopters for ASW, you will also want torpedo and depth charge storage, sonobuoy storage, aviation fuel, etc. Just a helipad won’t do

Toast_CIG (6:09:52 PM): Vallon – so, similarly, someone asked if the Orion could have a hangar once, and people brought up the same question. Just a landing pad, for attaching cargo and dropping off personnel and supplies? Or a full on hangar capable of reconfig, refuel, and repair?

Toast_CIG (6:10:26 PM): If the corvette can handle one or more smaller ships, it’s very much still an open question as to what degree.

Toast_CIG (6:12:07 PM): MouseNo4 – right now, craft with multiple main engines have only one throttle control







Toast_CIG (2:39:13 AM): Community and Marketing usually have the say as to when announcements are made (if CR is ok with it of course)

Toast_CIG (2:44:37 AM): I’m not the only one who got decals on his office door, of course. The writers tried to give each part of the office names appropriate to the lore. It’s a common practice at tech companies, except that SC/RSI has its own lore

Toast_CIG (2:45:43 AM): FyreMaster – someone walked by Ben’s door and misread that the first time as “Director of Community Outrage”. He did a doubletake to reread it

Kraiklyn CIG (11:06:52 AM): @bdg – Part of Star Citizens long standing philosophy is that choice carries consequence. – If you apply an upgrade, that is a choice that should matter, and as warned is intended to be permanent. You wouldn’t be singled out, as anyone making the same request would be denied. :)






Toast_CIG (2:50:30 PM): Noir – I do not speculate too far, since the devs will probably roast me on a spit if I set expectations incorrectly :)

Toast_CIG (2:50:57 PM): I’m going to go out on a limb and say just about any medium fighter, though. If the Hornet fits, most other things should

Toast_CIG (2:51:16 PM): but geometry will always matter. THe reliant for example is very wide when landed, and I don’t know about folding wings

Toast_CIG (2:51:56 PM): it’s not *that* huge a ship, but its shape has a pretty hefty footprint when landed (sans folding wings, which I don’t know about)

Toast_CIG (2:52:29 PM): If the design team ever asks me about folding wings for the Reliant, I’d happily point them at a picture of a WW2 Hellcat. Marvelous folding wing design

Toast_CIG (2:53:10 PM): (although that would certainly affect required location of maneuvering thrusters, so maybe that’s why not possible)

Toast_CIG (2:53:29 PM): For the Reliant to be able to use folding wings while landing, the maneuvering thrusters couldn’t be out on the wingtips

Toast_CIG (2:54:11 PM): and locating the maneuvering thrusters closer to the center of mass makes them a little less effective (physics)

Toast_CIG (2:54:33 PM): so for the moment, yeah. I dunno on the folding wings. Last word was ‘probably not’. We’ll see.

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