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RSI - Polaris - Corvette


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Good player commentary / theory-crafting...

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5 hours ago

RSI Polaris - the best capital ship in the verse


Hello Citizens

I've recently decided to unmelt my Polaris and after reading about it a bit more I realised how amazing this ship is. Here is why:

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  • Powerful payload
    So as you might know this ship can fire 4x S10 Torpedoes at once and holds additional 24 that can be reloaded automatically and fired again. This is huge because S10 torpedoes are much more powerful than s9 and this ship holds tons of them.


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  • Speed
    According to the designers and concept sale information of that ship, the Polaris will be one of the fastest capital ships in the verse. This means that you will not only be able to get into the battlefield quickly but also get out fast after delivering your devastating payload.


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  • Defenses
    This is something that I feel a lot of people don't realise but this ship has amazing defenses. Polaris has capital sized powerplant and 3x Large shields. This means that it will be able to not only sustain those shields quite easily due to the powerplant immense amount of power but also refresh them much faster if you equip the ship with high refresh rate shield tech. This means that you can get in, fire your salvo and get away from let's say Idris. Idris won't be able to catch you and thanks to the shields refresh rate, fighters that can catch you, won't be able to damage you.


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  • Turrets
    The Polaris current planned loadout is set to include:• 5x Manned Turrets (Twin S4 Weapons)• 1x Remote Manned Turret (Twin S5 Weapons)• 1x Automated Turret (Twin S4 Weapons)• 2x Anti-Fighter Missile Racks, each carrying 16x S3 MissilesFor the size of this ship, this is a lot of defenses against basically any non-capital threat.


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  • Internal Hangar
    This is the selling point of Polaris for me. This ship has internal hangar for a fighter or other smaller craft. You can easily fit Sabre, Prospector, Terrapin or even F8C lightning in there. I bet that with correct piloting skills you will be able to land there with bigger ships like Eclipse. This is huge.


Post image
  • Cargo bay with a ramp
    Not sure about the total cargo space as we know this is something that can change completely but the big thing for me is that Polaris cargo bay has a wide ramp. This means we will be able to park a rover or maybe even a tank in there.


Post image
  • Brig, Medical Bay and Armoury
    In the official Q&A they've said that this ship will also include brig, medbay and armoury - this is big for me because it makes this ship so much more versatile, especially for 155m ship.


Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk ;)Let me know what's your opinion on Polaris and what do you plan to use it for!


Edit1: I've checked and you can fit up to 7 Arrows in Polaris hangar! (Arrow wings fold up so please assume the wings are folded)

Post image

Edit2: As AtreiaDesigns noted - Polaris is the only player owned ship with exception of Javelin that has capital sized radar. Even Idris M has only L radar.

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I still think the Idris will give us the "most ship" for the pledge dollar spent, but the Polaris is right behind it, and will give far more than the already-popular Hammerhead.  Turrets almost as good as the HH, plus speed, shields, the hangar, not even to mention the torps, at close to the same price.

The big questionmark to me is the cost of torpedoes.  Energy weapons are basically free, ballistic weapons will have costs, and presumably torpedoes will have large costs.  Whether "large" is meaningfully large or merely large in comparison to other weapons but still basically pocket change, will determine the real power of the Polaris.

I don't put much importance on the ship charts though.  They'll change all that stuff if they feel the ship is OP.

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Grabbed an upgrade for my HH, I think you are both right about the Polaris offering great value for money, and I expect a considerable price hike when it goes live.
As a rule of thumb, the bigger the ship, the better the value (although there are exceptions), so I've condensed my pledges from many small ships into a few larger ones.

For me, things like ground vehicles and the argo utility vehicle just aren't worth it for cash right now when you can buy a powerful solo-able ship and earn anything smaller with relative ease in game.

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I've gone all in on picking up one of these. Like most people in this topic have agreed, this ship really does seem like the best bang for your buck. It's running S10 torpedos for taking out heavy targets above its weight-class and a pretty good set of offensive/defensive guns as well. Size is just about 890J/HH range and its one of the fastest capital-ship vessels on paper.

It's still amazes me that people are selling these for 700-900ish when it can easily go for more, and will eventually. I just wish we had more information on this ship and some news on when it'll finally get whiteboxed/put into production, etc.

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The Polaris lost its limited status recently during the Invictus sale. 

This has been the only capital or sub-cap sized ship that has held any interest for me (that may change with the rumored Anvil capital ship), mostly for the hangar that I can use to house another ship.  I'm not interested in the Polaris for the combat (although I can use it for that too) but more for a "home-away-from-home" ship to get me around, explore a little, and possibly do some search and rescue.  I also wondered about using the Polaris as a (very expensive) military transport ship--kind of like the 890Jump but military focused instead of VIP's.

I looked over everything in my hangar at the time and noted that if I used credits to buy a Carrack-to-Perseus CCU (I already had a cheap C2-to-Carrack CCU), I only needed to spend $25 more (new cash) to buy a Perseus-to-Polaris CCU (war-bond).  And on top of that I'd still have a F7C-M with an upgrade to either the Ares or Scorpius or other liked-priced ship that I could fit in the Polaris' hangar

Anyways, it was a no-brainer for me and I spent the $25.  I now have a path to owning this magnificent ship, and I am once again waiting for ships to be added to the 'Verse before applying multiple CCU's.  Till then, I'll putz around in the Hercules C2 and F7C-M.

Anyways, just wanted to share...

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I created a thread in Spectrum regarding my own interpretation of the deck layouts for the Polaris at the following link.  I won't copy-n-paste what I posted there, but you can take a look and read it yourself.  Enjoy!







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Awesome! Definitely shows how the Polaris 'Corvette' is really in a completely different league compared to the other Corvette type ships (Hammerhead, Nautilus, and even ships like the Carrack and Perseus imo). 

I definitely believe that CIG will change the ship classification to something like "Light Frigate" once the Polaris is flightready. That way they could also bump up the Perseus from Gunship to Corvette; just like how they changed the Hammerhead from Gunship to Corvette. :)

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