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I am a leaf on the wind, watch me soar!

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Hey folks,

I'm Junjie but apparently that name was taken, so just to be clear, I'm The Real Junjie. I heard about Star Citizen from a friend who wouldn't shut up about it. I'm not a big fan of sims, but the chance to explore space in a physics rich environment was an opportunity too good to pass up. That first moment I walked out on the landing pad I spent a good few minutes just enjoying the beauty of space. Also, incredibly loud ships whizzing by. And floating off into nothingness. 

I picked up the Aurora LN package, and although its not the best, it's my Serenity. 


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7 hours ago, Junjie said:

Hey folks, .........

I picked up the Aurora LN package, and although its not the best, it's my Serenity. 

The Serenity-ish ship you'll want to work towards is the Starfarer. And, FWiW, the LN is a capable ship, don't sell it short.

And Welcome!

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