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Hey guys.

I bit the bullet and got myself a shiny new rig and monitor. It's AWESOME.
I have a quick question though, and I was wondering if anyone knows the answer.

I have a MSI X99A Raider mobo and a Fractal-Design Kelvin T12 AIO liquid cooler. I set up the radiator in the back with 2 fans, a pull<<push setup. The back fan (on pull) is connected to a cpufan header, as is the pump.

The push fan is now connected to a sysfan header... which doesn't spin.
There lies my question; do I need to connect the fans differently? Will the push fan only spin if the temperature gets too high (in which case, it not spinning would be a good thing)? I guess the fan could be busted but its brand new so I doubt it. Could potentially plug it into something else and see what happens.

The two remaining fans in the front of my case are connected to a fan controller in the front of the case.

I only have 2 cpufan headers on the mobo which are now in use. Let me know what you think.

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A lot of motherboards' sysfan headers don't actually work(well, they work, but they don't work in the same way as a cpufan header, so they're pretty useless for easy fan management).  You have a couple of options here.  I personally picked up a Swiftech sata connector fan hub http://www.amazon.com/Swiftech-8W-PWM-SPL-ST-Way-PWM-Splitter-Sata/dp/B00IF6R4C8.  Plug the pump into the first(red slot), any and all other fans into the remaining slots, and plug the hub into your cpufan header.  

Your other option is to pick up a pwm fan splitter, which will allow you to chain two fans together and still connect them to your cpu fan header.  http://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-Technology-Sleeved-Splitter-CPF01/dp/B00B46XKKQ/ref=sr_1_2?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1453214384&sr=1-2&keywords=pwn+fan+splitter

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Usually sysfan headers default to running at 100% at all temperatures unless otherwise managed. I personally run an asus motherboard so I use their "AI Suite II" but I think MSI has their version which is "MSI Afterburner". I'm fairly certain that you can control fanspeeds through that. It might have defaulted to being disabled or something, shouldn't but there's a chance.

If that isn't the case, it could be the sysfan header. Obviously you could try swapping which header your connected to on the mobo, but could result in some spooky cobweb wires throughout the case. Also, if I remember correctly, sysfan headers can be 3-pin or 2-pin. The third pin, from what I recall, is what let's you monitor and control fanspeed. Since your fan isn't spinning at all though, it shouldn't matter, not to mention 3-pin and 2-pin are cross compatible, though you need 3-pin to 3-pin for full functionanlity.

TL;DR - Try seeing if "MSI Afterburner" or some other software is messing with your fans & try changing which motherboard header the fan is plugged into.

Hope I helped :)

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