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I've seen many rigs with touch screens in them and I know alot of us have been waiting for a software relating to StarCitizen, I don't know much about this company PMaxx or reviews on the software TITAN ACS (Advanced control system) yet, but I'm happy to see one is released this early on and for $5.45 US.





• Intuitive access to your ship's controls:
• Navigate your ship's HUD from a stylish touch-screen interface.
• Control you ship's targeting systems and countermeasures and more on the weapons interface.
• Easy access to your ship's shield distribution.
• Distribute power to different functions of your ship, as well as controlling your ship's main power throttle and toggle individual functions.
• Access and control the navigation functions of your ship as well as different flight/landing modes and more on the navigation interface of Titan ACS.
• Gain quick access to important EVA/On foot functions all from one intuitive interface.
• Adds to immersion compared to (or in conjunction with) using a keyboard!
• Great looking interface
• Customizable themes


• Touch-screen controls for your ship and EVA
• Just install and play; no configuration required*
• Includes FREE lifetime updates
• And more!

 *You must enter the local IP address of the machine the server is running on the first time you open the client application.

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"Install the client application on your tablet or touch-screen PC/Notebook and the server application on your gaming PC."

This quote directly from their website, most likely means the IP of your PC that's running the software.

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It works the same as Roccat Powergrid (which is free) which runs on much cheaper android based tablets - windows is too expensive to just use this app. I have two android 7" tablets that I got for $40 apiece. This windows version doesn't have anywhere near the user support Roccat Powergrid does. click the words roccat powergrid below. You got windows tablets lying about, use them, but it's cheaper this way. You can have multiple templates on one tablet, just slide left/right and select. Roccat Powergrid software is free.





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