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Ethan Vector

Horizon Starlines - Introduction & Values

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Greetings to the other Dignitaries and to the Imperial Embassy,

My name is Ethan Vector, and I speak on behalf of the founding directors for Horizon Starlines.  I will be the first to say that we are excited to be a part of this galactic community and look forward to many challenging and lucrative partnerships with the others here.

I would like to take the time to share more about our company and its values:




HORIZON STARLINES™ strives to raise passenger satisfaction by providing the highest standards of service, reliability and safety. Our passionate crew and dedicated management team treat our guests with the same level of respect and care as they do one another.

We are committed to providing a safe, pleasurable working environment with high levels of productivity, empowerment and personal accountability with opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Our employees’ experience, commitment, skills, creativity and charm will be the cornerstone to HORIZON’S success.

HORIZON STARLINES™ constantly strives for innovation, progress and fair dealing spirit. By carrying the forward-looking strategy, continually opening new flights, seeking business associates, and offering the best service, it has become one of the successful competitors in galactic transport. HORIZON only operates the business it has expertise in, that is the galactic transport industry and other related services. Believing in the expansion of the space transport industry, it invested most of its time and capital in building a leading position.

HORIZON STARLINES™ is the best choice for passengers, investors and employees. To passengers, it provides the most luxurious and pleasurable travel experience. To the customers who consign flight freight, it promises unparalleled delivery times and protection. To shareholders, it earns steady and favorable profits for them. And to employees, it offers highly paid and challenging jobs.



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    • By Ethan Vector
      UPDATE - NOV 6th:  We are now running informal courtesy flights on random servers in-game!  If you would like to join in on the RP and crew-up, contact us via the website.
      UPDATE - MARCH 19th:  Our website is now LIVE!!!  www.HORIZONSTARLINES.com

      By now, you're probably thinking...
      "Where did this crazy organization come from, and why am I hearing about it now?" The truth is, if you want to make credits in a life-like game; you need to treat it like a real company. While others were excited to start an organization and get as many people signed up as they could... we took on a different philosophy.  This was an opportunity to assess the competition and develop a market strategy to assure an organized and reputable public launch. 
      As a fully professionally managed company, we sought out real life professionals to advise and manage the many intricacies of running a galactic-sized business.  This careful planning and development has led to today's official public announcement of Star Citizen's largest professionally managed transportation corporation-  funded and operated by real world professionals who share a passion for gaming.
      HORIZON STARLINES has been founded to fill the gap and set the new standard for online gaming organizations.  Other organizations accept as many members as they can get, and simply place them in one of several generalized departments.  With the majority of organizations doing "everything", it was only logical for HORIZON STARLINES to step in and concentrate on a specific untapped market. 
      With a target goal of 50-100 active, dedicated, and mature players; HORIZON STARLINES is an exclusive organization looking for the right type of player.  With our professional backing, we plan to efficiently monopolize the luxury transport industry while generously compensating our hand-picked team of players. We offer special events, members website, in-game support, and detailed employee training to all of Horizon's crew.  
      Applicants are free to apply to any of our departments or vessels.  Currently the fleet consists of a variety of Luxury vessels;  Origin Jumpworks 890 Jump, RSI Constellation Phoenix, Crusader Genesis Starliner... and a small collection of Hornets which are used as security escorts in hostile territory.
      Our teams are still anxiously developing the many exciting features we have in store for the selected candidates at open-world launch. Stay tuned to this forum, and the website after launch for updates on the continued development of our organization and its people. If you would like more information, or would like to pre-apply for our preliminary interviews... please contact us via info@horizonstarlines.com
      **Please note; even if accepted, members will not be added to the RSI org member's list until Passenger service is live in-game; with the exception of department heads and executives.  Upon release of Star Citizen's passenger transport mechanics, only players who are still active and responsive will be invited.  All alpha communications are done via the "employee login" on the website**
    • By Ethan Vector
      Greetings Citizens!
      I am just writing to announce that our Board of Directors has opened up applications for a lucrative partnership opportunity!
      Horizon Starlines is searching for a small to mid-sized security company that we can hire on contract to escort our luxury vessels.
      We hope to find a group of players with a play style and maturity similar to our own.

      To learn more about HORIZON STARLINES and to apply for this opportunity, please visit our recruitment forum or website:
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