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Complete Khartu-Al with LTI for $200. (11 available in stock)


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Khartu-Al with LTI

Included in the price is piece of mind. No drama here. Please don't bring any to me. PayPal only.

I am a US based seller. I'm a staff sergeant stationed at Fort Bragg in NC. I look forward to a clean fast transaction.

See attached screen prints. P-72 upgrade to Khartu-Al applied and ready to gift.



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here are a few. it continues. I melted a few big ships that were not LTI or giftable. in order to use up the store credit, in bought a bunch of LTI tokens and used the store credit to ccu. I figured the khartu-al would be the easiest to sell. wrong or right, it is what it is now.

**trying to attach pic. not working. I'll see if I can edit original post and add the pic of more ships.

There.. sorry for the delay.  Had to use my computer.. not sure why my phone was having trouble doing it.  Anyway, as you can see, I have more than one and the total is 11.  I actually also upgraded one to a starfarer and I have 3 p-72s just waiting until I feel inspired.  They may turn out to be my Hornet NPC wingmen.

Thanks for the question.


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