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Rust 2.0


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Hey all,


So back in 2014, we had this Rust event..well..more like Rust frenzy.


Purpose was to build team work with resource allocation leadership skills etc.

Results : Week 1 : Amazing

Week2 : alot more people and bigger projects

Week 3: Paranoia

End of month : collapse 


HAHA only those who played back then with SCB clan would know what week 3 meant.


Anyone want to input good memories in here?


On a side note, I looked into rust recently and I found it look more interesting (it is beta but it has improved alot)

Would anyone be interesting to do a 2015 version of Rust and see how we fair for a month??


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I remember all that. The metal building that a bunch of randoms attempted to hijack, but got cornered by us. The guy begging us to let him go as we lobbed grenades in the front door. Now that I say it, it all sounds rather macabre doesn't it? But it was fun while it lasted.

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Maybe set up an imperium server? then you can organize by squadron and have wars of your own. You wouldn't need to wipe as there would be limited building (one for each squadron) and it would be a fun PVP exercise. Then at the end, give everyone 10 C4 and watch the world burn!

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On 11/29/2015, 5:59:16, CC-Corp said:

Rust servers are wiped usually on a weekly base now, so all your bases get nukes, due to prevent lag and no room.


That is true but, we were in a process to get an imperial server but I forgot who created one privately.

Regardless if its a 1 week thing it would be fun to fool around since we all learned together.


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