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buzby x

Reliant...just cc'd a Titan for one

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    • By Uyghur
      I have a  RELIANT MINI HAULER LTI for sale.
      $65 USD. Paypal fee not included. 

    • By Jon1812
      Well folks, I have a few spare buyback ships and packages that I thought I would list in case anybody wanted one. I will try to add information on all the packages soon. 
      Standalone Ships
      Ship Manufacturer Insurance Type Price, USD Price, EUR Availablity P-72 Archimedes Kruger LTI Original $88 €83 x4 Aurora LX RSI LTI Original $66 €63 x1 Herald Drake LTI Original $101 €96 x1 Hull A MISC LTI Original $88 €83 x2 Hull D MISC LTI Original $414 €393 x2 350r Origin 6 Month Original $142 €135 x1 Reclaimer Aegis LTI Original $404 €384 x2 Reliant MISC LTI Original $92 €87 x5 Starfarer Aegis 24 Month Original $222 €211 x1 Vanguard Aegis LTI Original $282 €268 x1 Ship Packages
      Ship Manufacturer Insurance Type Price, USD Price, EUR Availablity M50 Origin 4 Month Original $157 €149 x1 Aurora MR+ RSI 3 Month Original $81 €77 x1 Aurora LX RSI 24 Month Original $100 €95 x1 Next Gen Aurora RSI LTI Original $92 €87 SOLD Buyer must be PayPal verified. Please send me PM containing ship name, your PayPal email and currency of invoice (USD or EUR).  Ship will be sent as a gift to the payer's PayPal email.  Claimed gift (after purchase) will be bounded to your account. All prices include PayPal fees.  The ship packages include Star Citizen and Squadron 42 access

    • By Amy Babe
      Hello fellow pilots and citizens
      I have initiated a clean up of my buy back section, full of little LTI tokens, thinking they could be useful for a lot of people.
      I bought them back and upgraded them to one of the best ship currently available in the game: The SABRE
      I'll sell the ships without making any profit on it. 
      I swear I'm just willing to help for those who want Sabres, but can not afford extra $ (due to prices on the grey market).
      Priority is given to IMPERIUM members

      Paypal is mandatory. You must be paypal verified.
      Being french, i'll prefer invoicing in Euro.
      What Can I offer?
      1 x LTI P72 Archimedes upgraded to Sabre: $ 178 / 169€
      Comes with P72 model  + a poster and a self land hangar.
      (edit: sold one to Archangel)
      1x LTI ARGO, upgraded to Sabre: $ 178/169€
      Comes with an argo model, an argo poster and a selfland Hangar
      1x LTI advanced hunter Package upgraded to SABRE: $ 230/ 210 €
      this package includes: * Starting Money: 2,000 UEC * Lifetime Insurance * Digital Game Soundtrack * Digital Star Map * Digital Star Citizen Manual * Squadron 42 Digital Download * Star Citizen Digital Download  
      I hope this Helps!
      Best regards
      Edit #1: updated quantity for LTI SABRE ccu'd from P72: Q=2 -> Q=1
      sold the reliant.
    • By DrunkenTeddy
      Closed for now... 
    • By JudasM
      Ships CCU'd from Dragonfly LTI
      Caterpillar Esperia Blade Reliant Skirmisher Mustang Delta 350R Racer M50 Interceptor   Concept Sale ( not CCU'd)
      Drake Buccaneer - Concept Sale Misc Prospector - Concept Sale  
      Non-LTI PACKAGE:
      Verified PayPal only. 
      Stand alone ships - Original price + 15% ( includes PP fee)
      PM for details