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The Base Radio: Song Request Topic #2

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Hello all!

Rellim here, station manager for The Base Radio.

As part of our plan of trying to be the best community radio for star citizen and integrate more into the scb community, I would like to open up our doors to input from all of you!

Our old topic lists our old requests, which have now been processed. Due to the amount of embedded videos in it, it was getting kinda broken. Hence the new topic

I would like to open up song request again, this time by simple means of a forum topic. 


Post below music you would like to hear on The Base!

Current Auto-DJ playlists include

  • Soundtrack music
  • Chill music (dance/trance etc)(got plenty of this for the moment thnx to DJ RO!)
  • Classic Rock music
  • Pop Standards
  • Jazz / Blues / Soul
  • Hard Rock / Metal / Goth

This will pretty much encompass all popular genres in music, to please everyone, which is our main goal! 
(you may post youtube links, spotify links, or anything else you want)

But please use spoilers!

Your input is highly valued, and as always much appreciated! Hopefully we can get lots of new music!
See here a complete list of our current songs, divided by playlist.



To get clear on people asking this question:

Our license does not allow us to do any sort of automatic request system. This rule is here so that people can't request a song and a minute later record it for their own use.

Anything non-automatic is still fine though. A live DJ can always play requests, should he have them in his library at the time. Any other requests can be put in the rotation for later playback in one of the playlists (but will still be random)

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^Philter  prologue


Nightcall - dead V


STROBE (Extended Dirty Mix) - John Murphy

Immediate music - tales of the electric romeo






More metal'ish


Godsmack - something different 


X japan - born to be free


Mesopotamia inc. - my dark great fall


LittleVMills  Resident Evil 2 - Save Room Theme "Epic Metal" Cover (Little V)








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