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    • By hatamoto911
      Hello everyone,
      i started out playing star citizen 2 weeks ago and fell in love with the deep universe and everything to discover. I recently read about organizations and informed myself about a lot of different ones. For me, Imperium, including everything it stands for and wants to accomplish, sounds awesome and i would love to be a part of it. Tho i have to admit, i will not be able to play for hours on a daily basis, since work and family consume quite some time
    • By Wakapedia
      Hi everyone!
      Joined the forums a few months ago and just noticed I never posted in the welcome section!
      I have quite a few ships. Mostly small ones but I do have a 600i and would love to hang out and explore the universe with people!
      So hello from your local space bard!
    • By BeardDoctor
      @FoxChard Love you Dad.
    • By FoxChard
      I'm sure you've all seen this, but in case you haven't: 
    • By Donut
      Title of the video doesn't matter, he livestreams games and music production regularly