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    • By Bones
      New applicant here.  Glad to see such a great community!
    • By EveWake
      Hello  , ive been following Star Citizen activally since late 2012.  My issue has been that there hasnt been many orgs as active as i would like and i was afraid of being lost and not getting heard in a larger org so i havent really looked at joining here before but now i am giving it a chance.  I have plenty of ships *super secret ships* but not a good community to enjoy Star citizen with until maybe now i hope
    • By Olewk
      well where do i start, i am a young male from norway that loves to play games, but it is boring to play alone so i have an american friend that is in imperium and told me to apply to join so thats is what i am doing. what more can i say.... o ya i have spent 2100$ on ships in star citizen, but that is what happens when you have a full time jobb and no girlfriend.  
    • By WingZeero
      Hello fellow Citizens!
      Long time lurker, finally joined in time to participate in game day!
      I seem to not be able to view the TS or games day info yet! hopefully someone can fill me in!
    • By vvolf
      hey my name is daren I was just looking for discord info had no luck finding it !