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Board Software Update Incoming

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Other experiences may differ, but here's a few things I've noticed:

My browser is now prompting me permission to show notifications

There is no longer a 'go to top' link under each reply

The Quick Reply box is only one line deep until you enter more lines

Looking at a thread no longer puts you at the very bottom of the thread, possibly the 'last read' post now

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I hope the icons won't stay in that circle form.
It's enough to see that BS on certain other sites already. That messes up pretty much the majority of all icons. :parrot:

Well, I guess we better give you some time to get everything set up/updated properly before we start to list stuff that's most likely already being worked on.

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8 minutes ago, Wyvyrias said:

I hope the icons won't stay in that circle form.
It's enough to see that BS on certain other sites already. That messes up pretty much the majority of all icons. :parrot:

Well, I guess we better give you some time to get everything set up/updated properly before we start to list stuff that's most likely already being worked on.

Yeah, on the list, not seeing setting for yet, but def will go back square.

@Chimaera how's mention for you now?

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34 minutes ago, Gallitin said:

Yeah, on the list, not seeing setting for yet, but def will go back square.

Seems like you fixed it already.
And I really like the integration of the notification system of the browser. That's damn handy.

Oh, and and praise Lord Gallitin for the mention system fix. It finally works without pressing enter and thus...works without several retries.

And a double praise for removing the default check for the "Show that the message has been edited" box.
My life here is now much more comfortable.

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Maybe you knew this already, but some of the other themes are also broken now.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 11.13.37.png

44 minutes ago, DarthAraknus said:

I liked the previous "Unread Content" layout. The new one doesn't look as good.

What happened to the gravatar?

Actually I like this one. You can costumize which feed it will use when you click on the "Unread Activity" button. And supposedly it also auto-updates, means i wont have to refresh every time.


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5 hours ago, Trophias said:

When Opening up a new Quick Reply, you need to reload the page at times or its really really tinyyvU96kh.png

Actually the box gets bigger the more you write.

Oddly my buttons are different. I don't have one for spoiler text or quotes, but I have buttons for text alignment

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Sometimes the text editor won't allow me to type at all (took me 5 minutes before i could actually type here)... And the @Mention function doesn't work for me anymore, i can wait for 2 minutes and the dropdown menu doesn't show at all, unfortunately.

I don't know if it was a plugin or part of the forum boards itself, but the spoiler and quote button are missing in the text editor. (for me at least)

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  • Similar Content

    • By Gallitin
      There is a large IP.Board update I've been waiting to deploy until it had been out for a couple of weeks.  Well it's been a couple weeks now so going to upgrade SCB tonight.  
      Because it's a big update you may see some downtime and themes will be acting up.  Once the update has finished I'll install the updated themes and style them as we currently have.
    • By rain2reign
      Side info links regarding the update:
      http://www.ghacks.net/2016/07/28/microsoft-removes-policies-windows-10-pro/  http://mspoweruser.com/windows-10-anniversary-update-will-come-with-more-promoted-apps-on-the-start-menu/ Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO's will be available from MS on August 2nd. With this update Windows 10 Pro is no longer the choice for home-consumers and power users (of windows versions). All Windows 10 Fully featured versions will be: Windows 10 Enterprise, Education and Server SKU's. Windows home is the essential working package, pro will be will that plus Bitlocker and hyper-v.  
      Note: These changes effect Window 10 Pro and Home. Can't say how much this changes for Window 7 users, though. 
      Most of us already know that Windows 10 Home is basically a virtual ("federal" (?)) prison and Windows 10 Pro having an open jail door, custom options for features... Well soon with the Anniversary update that door will be closed! The Group Policy editor, or simply policies editor will have more restrictions imposed on Windows 10 Pro users (this editor is not available on W10 Home). Containing Group Policy restrictions such as (and probably not limited to):
      Microsoft consumer experiences policy: By turning this policy off you would prevent and block Window 10 (pro) from installing third party applications(mainly from the app store) and links. Well now that will not be possible. After the update, more promotions, ads and forced installed third party apps from the windows store will be pushed onto the user. Granted you can uninstall the apps afterwards, but still imposing that it's forcibly installed without your permission and consent.
      Lock screen policy: Most people, like myself, don't really care about this. When you go into lock screen you can customize that screen anymore. As well as you can't turn off this feature anymore where previously when you did, that your screen would go directly to the logon screen (if you used a password either from using email as account or a default account). Ads on your lock screen, right?
      The windows store policy: Yes, the Windows store could be turned. Now? Not anymore. This comes hand in hand with the "Microsoft consumer experiences policy" which forces ads and apps from the store. In Windows 10 Pro after the update you just can't disable the store for those exact reasons.
      For those that used windows 8, remember that horrible start screen with tiles and app store ads and apps? With random xbox tiles? It's coming back alright, well in the form notifications. Endless notifications! Nooooooo~ If you use Microsoft edge as your browser(can't imagine), it will now support extensions at the cost of eating up your ram twice as fast as Opera does, or 3-4 as much as either Firefox or Chrome. Cortana gets more core access to windows, your lock screen(automatically listening in), programs like skype, your email and agenda. Cortana is designed to 'listen' into your conversations and look up information that might be useful for the user... ... Upside might be that automatic agenda and appointment management? Well after reading and an email at least.
      And for the developers Windows 10 will come with integrated Linux Bash. Never used linux so i can't say much about it...
      More probably coming up, but this is all i know so far.. Pick your poison guys! 
      21:26 UTC: 
      In the Anniversary update, Cortana now has official support/feature to be turned off (for it's privacy features) and hidden from taskbar! 
    • By Gallitin
      The SCB site will be migrating to a new and improved server on 2/25/2016 @9:00AM EST.
      Over the past 24 hours the new box was built, installed and brought online.  I ran a test migration without any issues so the final sync is planned for the date above.  All data will be transferred.
      Expect a short downtime on Teamspeak as once the sync happens it will have to be taken offline on the old server and brought back up on the new.  As for the forums, there is also a potential for a short outage, but likely won't be noticed unless you're online during just the right moment.
      Keep in mind as goes with all development that there is a possibility of extended downtime for any unforeseen issues, but I'll be on it.
    • By VoA
      THE SHIPYARD = RSI forums follows SCB Forums' Example
      ^^^ See link above - RSI Forums is now re-organized (into sub-forums) to discuss ships more efficiently (similar to SCB forums' example)
      Per Jared - below....
          CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG       Posted: December 10       Hello Owners Club!

      We've created new ship series subforums. Super mega-threads like this are too difficult for us to track feedback effectively, so we're closing them all down and inviting folks to use the new subforums, this way, we can actually get your feedback to the correct people!

      This is the end of this form message. CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG       Posted: December 10
      Edited: December 10 by DiscoLando-CIG       I was asked to add some DOs and DON'Ts for creating new ship threads, mostly in response to the loss of "Owner's Club" threads by folks afraid they can no longer "chat" about their ship. You can and SHOULD absolutely chat about your ship, we just need to do in in a manner that the moderators and staff can effectively navigate and manage. 

      This is by no means a comprehensive list of DOs and DON'Ts, just a few to help illustrate the new subforums process.

      DO: Create individual threads about whatever aspect of your ship you'd like, as long as it's within existing forum guidelines and etiquette. 

      DON'T: Create a massive superthread for any post under the sun regardless of topic with the word HORNET/GLADIATOR/HULL/ETC in it.

      DO: Create a thread like, "What do you want to do with your Caterpillar when you can fly it?" that can go on virtually forever so long as it stays on topic. If you stay on topic, the sky is the limit (probably). =oP

      DON'T: Create a thread like, "Here's a generic place to say whatever you want about the Caterpillar, regardless of topic."

      DO: Create a thread for feedback on a specific ship system like, "How much cargo space should the Freelancer have?"

      DON'T: Create a thread for generic, unfocused feedback designed to devolve into a hornet's nest preventing our team from finding relevant data like, "FREELANCER FEEDBACK PUT IT ALL HERE DOESN'T MATTER WHAT."

      DO: Welcome new ship owners with discussions like, "What made you purchase a Reclaimer?"

      DON'T: Create a thread designed to become an area solely to complain. Negative feedback is both encouraged and often necessary to game development, but it needs to be constructively presented, and not as a thread who's only affect is to incite others.     CIG Disco LandoDiscoLando-CIG       Posted: December 10
      Edited: December 10 by DiscoLando-CIG       "It's time to raise the level of discourse on spaceships in these forums."

      It's time for some dedicated sub-forums.

      With the recent changes to our ship pipeline, we've begun to assign individual manufacturers to specific teams across the world. In an effort to make finding your feedback as easy as possible when development cycles back around to your ship, and replying in kind when info is ready to be shared, we are making this fundamental change to the way we collect your discussions.

      In addition to all the regular forum rules that apply, in THE SHIPYARD we're going to encourage and moderate threads designed towards concise topics. Individual threads about maneuvering, weapons loadouts, paint schemes, cargo capabilities, etc. Whatever you want to discuss, keeping it focused will ultimately benefit your chances at being heard. You want your feedback to be both easy to find and easy to route to the appropriate team members. Giant megathread conversations that exhaust their usefulness and ultimately begin to feed upon their participants will be closed.

      You can see them at https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/ under THE SHIPYARD.

      Also: we need to name these things. To that end, we'd like to see your suggestions on clever, in-fiction names for each dedicated subforum. After a few weeks, we'll poll the choices we like the most and rename the relevant subforums. We might even do a vote before we decide. We'll see when the time comes. If we see some we really like we may just go with em!
    • By GreenAvenger
      Update for everyone posted in discord a few moments ago.
      Thought we’d give a little update on our progress with 2.0 on PTU. 
      We’re focusing on two major issues that we want to resolve before we release the next PTU build: 
      •    Poor client-side FPS.
      •    Game servers bottlenecking when too many ships spawn at comms arrays. 
      We've got a build right now that will go into testing, and we'll know from QA's internal testing whether or not it's good to go to PTU late in the day USA time.
      To be ready to publish 2.0 to Live, we want to nail down all of the below (please note this is a partial list of what we’ll fix):
      •    The previously mentioned framerate and game server bottleneck issues.
      •    Multiple GIM disconnects plus assorted dedicated game server and client crashes.
      •    Party system improvements. 
      •    Error message overlay does not go away.
      •    Client flickering when SLI is enabled.
      •    Chat UI is too small.
      •    Destroying small ships with a physics grid will sometimes get the character stuck in an unplayable state on respawning.
      •    Damage states in multiplayer games are not consistently working.
      •    Players in the seat or turret of a multicrew ship when it is destroyed can get stuck in their bedrooms on respawning.
      •    Various fixes for spawn points, including wrong locations and being stuck after dying in multicrew turret.
      •    Implementing EMP distortion damage (currently has no discernable effect).
      •    When transitioning from zero g to gravity zones from above, the player character will fall – sometimes taking damage, or suffering lost functionality.
      •    Players can’t use automated landing in Andromeda.
      •    Main thrusters missing on 350R.
      •    Main menu fixes, particularly infinite load screen for Arena Commander.
      •    Top speeds fluctuating in IFCS/SCM modes.
      •    Repairing ships do not reset the ship’s mass.
      This 2.0 PTU test has been an absolute success because of your involvement and assistance in finding these issues. 
      I’ll shamelessly “borrow” Producer Jason Hutchins’ words and offer a reminder that our PTU tests are for finding all of the blocking issues before it goes Live for everyone else. Each build brings us closer to a full 2.0 release, and that just would not be possible without you.
      Thanks everyone and have a great day!