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Community Meeting Nov 7th - Recap


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Another Meeting done - and here's the notes! We sadly don't record these, but with these handy notes, you'll know enough to be dangerous around the community!

Feel free to share with the folks that missed it :D


Imperium Flight Events

  • Thursdays at 2100 UTC and Sundays at 1800 UTC

Planetside Twosdays

  • Every Tuesdays and Fridays - check Teamspeak for the folks playing

Team Fortress 2 Night

  • Saturdays at 2200 UTC

Team Building Games

  • Overwatch up for Pre-Order - $40 for PC - $60 for Consoles
  • Arma 3 - Ricko's going to create a event / group to have fun in Arma 3! Get in touch if you are interested!

Community Content Creators:


Social Media - Support us there!


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