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    • By Wyver
      does anyone trade an 890 Jump?
      I'd give a prowler and a carrack for that.

      With best regards.
    • By DengMoo
      Hi,I like to trade my F7C-M Super Hornet with the F7A Military Hornet Upgrade for a Orion LTI.
      I open to your offers.

    • By Ionirr
      Hi there,
      Edit: changing my offer: I want to trade my Origin Racing Suit + $120 USD for an unused and working Aegis Sabre Raven code.
      since this is my first post and my account here is brand new: I'm willing to send my stuff first if you are a "known" seller/buyer.
    • By sbound
      Howdy all!
      This package includes a rare AMD-branded Mustang Omega and is now up for grabs. Please note that while I couldn't include multiple prefixes, I'm willing to trade as well (must be a package that includes Star Citizen Digital Download).
      Price: $90 USD (OBO)
      Paypal only. All sales are final.

    • By Antero
      I sell an account with mail
      Hull-C + Digital Pirate (Cutlass Black) all LTI 
      price 270$ paypal

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