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P72 - Archimedes


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5 minutes ago, CyberianK said:

I just realized that I got TWO P-72 in my hangar and I don't know why.


I got an Andromeda game package from 2013 and a Phoenix upgrade Kit. Anyone else got two or an idea where that comes from?

Your Orion mining ship, from what I can tell if you have a "large ship" you get one since I have 2 and I don't even own a Connie :P

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1 hour ago, Apollo said:

I got one of these tokens years back. Not sure what I want to do with it. Anyone actually fly/fight with it? Or should I just upgrade to something else

If you have no mothership that can carry it you might as well just use it as an LTI-token and upgrade it to something else. :)

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The P72 is not yet in verse, so you can't quite fly with it yet @Apollo. I agree with Danakar, if you can't mothership it around, then you may consider upgrading. The new Avenger model is looking very good and was significantly increased in size. You can do that very sensible upgrade for $20 or so.

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