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Dr Snoop1

New here!

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Hi everyone :)


I SERIOUSLY can't wait for this game to come out and i'm really looking forward to playing with you all in game!

I've only got an Auroa CL but i'm planning on going down the trade/industry route and earning myself a Hull-E! Those things are a beast!

My next PC game is going to be The Division, really looking forward to that, but for now it's Destiny and Halo 5.

Feel free to add me GT: Alexs ftw


See you the 'verse!


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Welcome!  I think earning your way to the ship you want in game will give you a very rewarding experience!  Don't get me wrong, I've purchased several ships, but I refused to allow myself to buy the Endeavor, because it will be one of my goals in game!

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           Hello everyone, 
      My name is Blout, And I am new the "verse" I don't know allot about it just yet. I am interested in learning however. I have a couple of ships and would love to meet someone that can show me how to become and ACE pilot, and make the credits I need to expand my fleet. I do have a discord but have not been able to find the discord information. So if you know what it is please send it to me. I appreciate the time you took to read this and look forward to flying with you.  
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      I  recently applied to join this amazing organization. Hopefully I'll be officially joining your ranks soon.
      A little info about me. I was born in the F.CAS on Earth and moved to Aremis when I was just three years old. My family was career military and I was proud to continue that tradition and become a proud citizen of our Empire.
      It had only been 3 months since I received my first assignment in the UEE Colonization command corp when they arrived.
      My family was there when the Vanduul fleets attacked without warning. They obliterated entire cities, ending the lives of millions of people. I shall not burden you with my tales of loss, but my pain runs deep.
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      RPG mode off:  Super excited to journey into the verse with like minded individuals.  My main interests are Base Building and Helping others with refueling/repairing with occasional combat operations etc. I have a pioneer as well and I'll happily contribute to Imperium's base building goals.  Thanks guys for the consideration! 
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      Hey guys!
      I just applied to Imperium on the RSI website and I really hope you accept me!
      I am a 21-year-old Austrian currently living in Germany. I study commercial information technology and work at an IT company which provides software, servers and IT security for banks. In my free time I usually play many different video games (I usually stick with some I especially like, Star Citizen for example), watch twitch streams, youtube, spend time with my GF, inform myself on new game releases and pretty much anything that has to do with video games, programming or computers in general  (yeah, I'm a nerd). I'm currently using a Laptop (yeah, yeah I know, I'm planning to upgrade to a "real" PC soon) with an i7-7700hq, a gtx 1050, 16gb ddr4 and with the game installed on a ssd so I get 30-45 fps, depending on where I am and with a few framedrops in certain situations in the Persistent Universe.
      Greetings from Germany,
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      i started out playing star citizen 2 weeks ago and fell in love with the deep universe and everything to discover. I recently read about organizations and informed myself about a lot of different ones. For me, Imperium, including everything it stands for and wants to accomplish, sounds awesome and i would love to be a part of it. Tho i have to admit, i will not be able to play for hours on a daily basis, since work and family consume quite some time